Hi all

I'm not sure if this is the right forum in which to post this AND if it isn't, would someone let me know!

I know many of you run businesses and I'm going to assume (yup, dangerous...grin) you may want to market to women. I found the following event for marketing to women and thought ya'll might like to know about it:


I would love to go and am not currently planning to because of other commitments.

Lorrie is also doing a free teleseminar series as part of this event. I'm listening to one of the series with Michael Port and I do find it interesting. I've listened to quite a bit of the call and haven't "had" to listen to a ton of promos for the event...yet. I haven't listened to the entire call yet so I don't know how the rest of it goes. I'm interleaving a variety of tasks right now (gee, no surprise, right?)

Love and light, hugs and blessings

MamaRed (Jerilynne)
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