Cubby first let me welcome you to our family and I hope my answer to your PM was satisfactory.
Dating your ex might work and is a different approach but in my experience, its best to "sh// or get off the pot," as the saying goes. If in 35 years the marriage didn't work and sounds somewhat miserable for you to me, then why wait, why waste more of your life on this man? Get it done, conquer your fear, thats the feeling you are having deep in your guts, fear of losing whatever it was you had, or actually losing what you wanted to have. You have done so much making a life for yourself now on your own, don'took back, theres nothing there but the same old, same old. Why isn't your husband the one doing the chasing, on his knees trying to win you back?????? Look ahead and maybe you'll one day find someone who will SPOIL you, and you know what I mean by that!!!

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