P.S. Cubby..I have just recently gotten into the "Law of Attraction" myself..and am amazed how I keep stumbling on it everywhere..very very interesting..hmm..maybe it does really work..as you say. Just today I found that finally my favorite bookstore on the net has all the books..as far as I know, just a few weeks ago,they didnĀ“t carry them yet! I live in Sweden..so I have to order my books in English over the net. Amazon is no good for me..the shipping costs are murder

In the thread on Contentment or the one about Boxes..Eagleheart mentions links to more Info on the Law of Allowing and Vibrations..have a look if you want..those links are interesting,too..and they offer coaching, if you are interested.

Back to my detective series on tv, then..Frost! My Saturday evening enjoyment most of the time..that and sushi!!!
"some sacred place.."