Cubby..I can´t add too much to what has been said here..really good thoughts and advice!

I just wanted to tell you that I,too, seperated from my husband of 32yrs at the merry age of you. I won´t deny that it was very difficult for quite a few years afterward..lots of soul searching..going back to the own childhood which had lots of problems (my mom staid with my alcoholic father,too (tho he stopped drinking when I was 18)..and they had a very tight relationship until my father died some 3 yrs back)..and I guess, I just stirred up my whole life and tried to put it back together again..which I have done..well, more or less. Depends on the day you ask me and how I feel, I guess But today..8 yrs later.. I am living with a new partner, who is much younger than myself..and my 18yr old son (1 of my 5 kids) lives me in our 1 bedroom apartment . But hej.. I am breathing more freely..and living a life I believe in..most of the time .

Yes, we are divorced..legally ..more than year later after the seperation. I,too, had hoped we could talk and perhaps get closer if I made a move and showed my hubby that I was serious..but it didn´t change anything, unfortunately.

Anyway..I guess that you have to feel that you have left no leaf unturned..and really tried to put it together know, like Humpty Dumpty..and then comes the point where you just can´t do anymore or wait anymore..because your own life is flowing thru your hands..or that point never comes..and you can make it work again!

Anyway..I hear you as do the women here at this site!
"some sacred place.."