...way back in the 60's. The hosts were Miss Mary Ellen and Miss Eppie. I was their biggest fan! I'd rush home from kindergarten and stay glued to the black and white rabbit-eared TV for that 1/2 hour.

Now here's the clincher...I just found Miss Mary Ellen and called her! This show has been on my mind for, obviously, years! Many times I'd ask an adult if they remembered the show, but not knowing it was aired only from Florida to Maine.

What a joy to talk with "Miss Mary Ellen", who just turned 80. She said that in all these years I was only the second "kid" to remember the show. LOL!!

At the end of each episode, Miss Mary Ellen and Miss Eppie had a "mystery box" to open. All sorts of goodies were inside!

With DH's 2-yr-old granddaughter, Grace, coming in a few weeks, I want to start a similar tradition...having some kind of "box" that we can explore with and have fun!

Anyone else remember it??

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