Chick, if your marriage is good now, it will get better after retirement.

Some of the problems we had before my husband retired seemed worse after retirement, because we had no kids and his full time job to distract us. But as you know, we're working that out.

I think it's extremely important that you share some hobbies with your Hubby. I never wanted to play golf, but started it because of my husband. Now I'm glad I did.

My husband cooks while I work, and he's taken over other household duties as well. That sort of happened naturally. I never asked him to do anything, which was probably the right approach. I think it was important for him to decide himself to take over household duties. I have never criticized him on any help that he has given. Even if he doesn't do something the way I would do it, I think at least he does it, and that is better then being married to a couch potato.

Oh yes, and a rather pleasant side event is sex whenever you feel like doing it. That calms down over the years, though…phew.