One of my closest friends just retired LAST WEDNESDAY. It hasn't been a week yet. Her hubby, who has been retired for a year or more, is sleeping with one eye open, I hope. He should be.

He too was a big-time boss with tons of people under him. He was a problem-solver, a PR guy and was use to making quick, on-the-spot decisions. Unfortunately, he still does. My friend and I cannot even get on the phone without him interjecting sentences and offering advice when he is only hearing ONE SIDE of the conversation between us.

He is driving her nuts. He wants to go everywhere she goes, and is telling her "what to do, go, say, wear, buy, and when to breath," and everything else you can think of. When she said, "Look, this isn't going to work, you need to butt out," he became livid and told her she should not have retired because her retirement income so so piddly. She's 70. And she should wait until she kills over?

I was livid then. They had the mother of all verbals and it hasn't been a week yet?

I honestly believe he thought, "well okay now, she's home and I have someone to boss around again."

If that were me, they would be looking for the body.

When I retired, I told Trixie (my dog) how it was gonna be. I get the computer Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. She can have it after hours as long as she stays off those smutty sites like "Dogs-Gone-Bad" and "The Young and the Leashless." You know? So far we haven't had any probs...