I have been in this boat for almost 2 years now. After my kids headed out on their own, DH took a job transfer and we moved to TN for a few years. It was a wonderful time for us (kids were OK, parents were still healthy - met lots of great people and had a ball.) But, with the impending failing health of my parents - we moved back to MI. DH continued to work for another year, but the company was put up for sale and early retirements and buy-outs were plentiful.

I guess we hadn't really given much thought to what life would be after retirement - we'd been empty nester's for a long time and had been on our own in TN (away from family and friends) so why should retirement be any different? Well, that was a huge error in judgment.

He has been a problem solver for his whole career. Now, all of that energy has no outlet. He works around the house (making decisions - mostly without my input.) He has fair-weather hobbies (golf, etc.), but living in MI leaves us in the deep freeze for many months. Cabin fever about did us in this past winter. We will be heading south next January for an extended get away. I'm not nuts about it, but I realize that we NEED to do it.

Since I'm still trying to find 'myself' these days, I'll not be the one to give anyone advice. I am so grateful that we're both healthy and have a solid marriage. This time together should be special and cherished - so I feel awful when I let it get to me. It's just such a huge life altering adjustment that we were obviously not prepared for.

I'm anxious to see what others have to say about this, also.