I have been an empty nester for a while now. I am used to having the place to myself long hours of the day and/or night depending on Mr. Chick's (as JJ dubbed him) work schedule. He will be retiring soon. I wonder what life will be like with him underfoot...(I mean that in a gentle way).
Anyone in this situation?
I know we'll be moving and planting our butts in Tennessee, building a new home and getting settled in. Then we will have our days and nights together. I am looking forward to this but I was wondering what life will be like. Did your partner cramp your style or get in your way or did the time spent together make your relationship better?
We have a great life and I hope it stays that way. Anything I should look out for? Kinda nip it in the bud...

I know da queen won't let this slide without humour...
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