Duities, Worries, Love, Sleepless nigths, Sighs, but blessings to be enjoyed!

I know the feeling, been there, not quite over it yet. I have one home after High School. He's working and studying. One is away at college, won't come home for summer due to work. One is in the area, but not at home. Still, I love to have them come by, call, even if it's "just cause they need something". Days are endless and yes, the phone rings at odd hrs, and when the one away comes home, the day is even more hectic, but I do thank God for all the blessings involved. Imagine the loneliness of those whose kids don't come home, the sadness of those that don't know how their "treasures" are doing, the ones who dread each phone call, cause it might be bearer of tragedy...

I thank God for each time I hear from "my men", for each time they call to ask for help, for each minute I spend inthe kitchen, doing, laundry, etc.

So glad you're taking it all in stride, Dotsie! Life IS good. Praise the Lord!

Oh, and I am so happy they treated you the way you deserve .
In His love, Songbird