Hannelore, great lyrics. I sang them and they went perfectly with the beat! Thanks.

Let's see, our oldest just graduated and will probably be around for a few months while he saves some money. Our daughter is only here for a couple weeks until she moves back on campus to take a few classes this summer.

Even though the nights are rather sleepless, I love having them and their friends back in the nest. They've become independent and our relationships have changed to be more like friends.

Friday night, our son grilled us steaks and mushrooms, and made tomato, onion and feta salad, and steamed asparagus. I felt like a queen and even said so while hubby was doing the clean-up, but he quickly reminded me the JawJaw was the real queen. HA! Did you hear that queenie? Then he made us some decaf and I got to sit even longer at the dinner table. Life is good.
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