Our daughter arrived home last Wednesday evening from her first year of college, then we took off for my son's college graduation from Clemson University early Thursday morning and spent the weekend with him and then in Charlotte, NC with my sister and her family. Great times.

Our graduate pulled in the driveway with a loaded car around 10:15 Wednesday evening. I was falling asleep waiting for him.

Yesterday, he and a friend went to another graduation (Hopkin's). His friend stopped by in the morning. I took a break from work to catch up with him, sonny boy got all dressed up, and off they went. All is grand.

Daughter's boyfriend finished high school yesterday so he appeared shortly thereafter. I stopped again to congratulate him, she got ready and off they went. All is still grand. Everyone is happy.

It was fun catching up with the kids and watching mine go off for a day of fun activities. That's all good.


During dinner, hubby and I get a phone call from oour daughter. She's at the ER. Seems her boyfriend caught a nice fish and hooked his finger while he was at it. Can we please come up if they need an adult? Sure, give us 15 minutes to finish eating and we'll touch base.

Dinner's over, I give her a call and they are leaving the hospital. The doctor medicated the hand and yanked the hook. They're on the way home to order carry-out. That's all cool.

Upon their arrival, I am privy to the movie they took of them feeding the ducks, fishing, the fish, and of course, a phpne photo of the hook embedded in his finger. Thanks!

Okay, carry on.

Ten o'clock rolls around and hubby and I head off to bed. Phew. Long day.

Ten fifteen - someone's knocking at the door. I jump out of bed, run down, and sure enough, it's sonny boy and his friend returning from graduation, dinner with family and all that jazz. He doesn't have the house key on his key ring yet.

Okay, climb back in bed. His friend comes in the dark room with us under the covers to say hi to hubby because he hasn't seen him since Easter break. He fills us in on the Raven's coaches speech at graduation. We chat a bit. They're heading out. Have fun. I want to sleep. Make sure you take a key.

Okay, now it's time to settle in.

Eleven on the nose - the phone rings. "I'm sorry. I know it's late, but you wouldn't believe my apartment. It's infested with bugs." This is our youngest calling from his apartment in Florida. Another first year college student.
Okay, I sit up, wipe my eyes and try to think. His room mate from HE double hockey sticks finally got sick of my son's complaints about his lifestyle, took his big screen TV and moved out with the dog he wasn't allowed to have in the apartment, but left his fleas behind.

The day started with a couple flea bites. Last night young son saw all these bugs on the kitchen floor, followed the path, opened room mates door to his bedroom and was attacked by bugs. The door hadn't been opened since he left weeks ago.

After instructing young son about how to handle the situation, I hang up, settle back in and can't sleep.

I get up at 11:37, call young son. He's on his way to Wal*Mart to buy the bug spray and Hydro-Cortisone cream. He can hardly drive because he's so busy slapping the 30-40 new bug bites on his ankles.

I had to tell him to be sure he ventilated the place and didn't spray, then fall asleep. I got this vision of him dying due to inhaling the insecticide. Oh how the mind wanders in the dark.

Okay, hang up. He thinks he'll have things under control.

Back to bed.

Twelve forty seven - daughter is saying good night to beau, dog begins barking because she forgets daughter is home and not still away at college. Will I ever get some sleep? She comes up, does her evening routine and finally...silence.

I'm still picturing young son spraying, slapping bites, and trying not to be too grossed out to sleep in his apartment.

I finally doze. Ahhh.

Two forty seven, sonny boy arrives home, dog barks, sonny boy does his nightly routine and finally silence.

Five thirty, I hear the helicopter hovering around. It so noisy. I finally just get up for the day. I walk at 6:20 anyway.

Help - I'm drowning in young adults!

And this is only the first full night two of them were home.

Does this bring back memories? Are you living with something similar?

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