I'm 50 and have two children left at home. They are 14 and 15.
The teenage years. Totally self absorbed, and critical of their Mom.
If I have to hear one more time "Mom your just old, you don't get what it's like for us" AHHHHHHH!
I know, I was there once, thought my parents knew nothing. I try to remember this.

The main problem I'm having is a don't feel useful anymore. I feel lost. I was an extremely doting Mom. We used to do so much together. I went to all their sports events, no more sports anymore. Friday night was movie night at our house, chips, pop, snuggles on the couch. Now they are at their friends on Friday nights and I'm home alone.
My kids come and go, they eat, sleep and talk on the phone and the computer.

I feel like I'm not important to them anymore. I'm just here to cook their dinner, wash their clothes and buy them what they need.

My parents are in their 80's, they need me at a time when I need them. I know their time is short and this scares me. What will I do without them? It's all so overwhelming. What happened? I used to be a so optimistic now I just feel lost in the shuffle.
Anyone else feel like this? What did you do to overcome all the changes that you have no control over?
Is this what they call empty nest syndrome.