Okay, last summer it was wild in our home. All three kids were here and came and went until the wee hours of the morning. Because there are three, it seemed like every night, at least one of them was up or out late. By the end of the summer, hubby and I were exhausted. I can't tell you how much we have enjoyed the empty nest evenings. We can go to bed early and never have to consider who is still coming and going, who's in bed, and who is still out. Nor do we get the late night phone calls asking if so and so can spend the night, etc. I love it. It's peaceful! And I'm in to peace at this stage of the game.

But here's the scoop: our oldest is coming home to live for a few months to work, save money and then eventually get his own apt.

I am considering laying down some rules. I know I can't make him be in his room by 10 on week nights like we did when he was in high school, but out of respect for us, I do think we could have some kind of rules for week nights.

Any thoughts? Is this doable with 22 year-olds?
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