Lately I've been getting into making my own greeting cards. Guess I'm branching out from crosstitching! I found a whole bunch of card-making supplies on clearance at several craft stores and went nuts. I used to print my own cards on the computer (with the help of a PrintMaster program) but now I'm kind of combining what I can do on the computer with all kinds of 3-D embellishments, pretty paper,rubber-stamping, etc. Wondering if anyone else is into card making and has any hints or websites that they visit in regards to this, or magazines I should check out......anything that might give me ideas.
Also, for all you scrapbookers -- I went to the Scrapbook Expo here in Orlando on Fri. OMG -- I went with 2 friends who are really into the scrapbooking thing and can't believe how much they bought, but then I thought to myself if it was a crosstitching show I'd probably have done the same thing. I bought a few things -- embellishments, stickers and stuff that I can add to greeting cards. If you're into scrapbooking and the expo is coming your way, you should go! They have all kinds of make-it-and-take-it demos at the booths, plus they have many classes (where you also leave with a completed project, a scrapbook page or whatever) that you can sign up for ahead of time. You can check locations and dates for the expo at But be prepared to spend -- the amount of stuff available and the neat ideas you'll see is unbelievable.
I was really surprised that I didn't see any advertising for the expo in the local paper or around town....if my friends hadn't told me about it, I wouldn't have know it was here in town. And it's a HUGE show. Wonder why they don't advertise it better.
I was thinking, that with all the crafting so many of us here like to would be neat if we could set up some kind of exchange,so when we go thru our craft stuff and clean out, and get rid of stuff we no longer want or think we're going to use, we could send it to somebody else who could use it. At this point when I go thru my craft stuff and clean out (to make room for more!!) I usually ask friends if they want it and if I can't find any takers I take it to Good Will. Maybe from now on I'll post on here and see if anyone wants what I'm ready to get rid of. Right now I have tons of crosstitch fabric, embroidery floss, hand towels with crosstitch fabric inserts, that I'd be glad to send on to someone. I'm still into crosstitching but I have way more than I'll ever use in this lifetime.
A friend of mine gave up crosstitching because her eyesight was failing and she could no longer read the charts. She sent me a HUGE box of stuff as a total was like Xmas when it arrived. So.....if anyone wants to exchange some craft goodies (and we all buy stuff we end up never using) let me know and maybe we can work out a deal!!