The only quilts I've made were out of t-shirts. We had what seemed like hundreds of t-shirts from fishing tournaments. Since my husband is such a fishing fan, it was a good way to use a bunch of them up. Also an easy way to make a quilt, because you cut large squares out of the front of the shirts, to include any design that's on the front. You can either sew the t-shirt squares (after backing them with inner facing) in rows, and then sew the rows together, to make the top of the quilt......or you can put strips of other fabric inbetween the t-shirt squares. After getting the top done and layering it with batting and a fabric backing, I ran diagonal lines thru all layers with my sewing machine, to quilt it, and then put binding around the edges. I've made two of these -- my sister-in-law saved a bunch of my nephew's college t-shirts and I made one out of those, too.
I can handle doing the t-shirt quilts because you work with large pieces of fabric........I have several friends who quilt and work with little tiny pieces of fabric and have to cut what seems like millions of pieces to put together.....that's not for me.
I think I found directions online someplace for t-shirt quilts, I can dig around and see if I can find them again if anyone wants them.
When the finished quilt is on the bed, it's kind of fun to look at it -- every square is a different memory.
Several of my husbands friends who saw the finished product all said they wanted one, and supposedly they're saving their t-shirts for me......but I'm kind of figuring (hoping!!) that none of them will show up with a pile of shirts and expect a quilt..........

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