Here's the thing.

Lets say that you figured out your hourly rate and it's $60 per hour after taxes, and other expenses.

You're overwhelmed. Or maybe not. Maybe you want to work less or just do things at a lower pace. What can you do?

Create a wish list of all the things you're doing that you don't like doing. This is List 1

Create a wish list of the things you enjoy doing or are really good at but if you gave up control you could be doing something else you enjoy that pays more. This is list #2.

Over time, what I find that most women business owners put these four things on their lists:

House cleaner
Book keeper

If you gave another business owner the gift of a paycheck, you can pay between $12 to $35 per hour for those tasks.

So using list #1 you can work doing what you love doing, pay someone to do what you don't like, make money AND get the jobs done that you don't like (and most likely put off as long as you could).

List #2 is usually a little more difficult to give up because those are tasks you enjoy doing. And usually the hourly rate for those items will be $35 - $80. But the gift this time, is you giving yourself the gift of time. Time you don't have to spend doing those tasks, too.

Just one way of looking at your finances...

and getting more work done.
Maria Marsala,
Financial Advisor's Coach

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