I'm going to remember that new and improved saying about the goose...so funny. I might make it my email signature!

I'm all for forgiving from a distance. I tell the women I work with that it's okay to forgive someone who abused you...from far away. This doesn't mean you tell them that you forgive them because this shows you are testing the waters to see if they still care. You forgive them in your heart and move on with your life.

After seeing Allison at the airport, it did bring up angry feelings toward my husband. Of course, I refuse to tell him that I even saw her because I wait to see if he'll mention it, which means he's allowing his son to "tattle" again. Both grown sons have always reported to their dad what I've done after they've visited (aren't allowed in my home anymore now) and he lets them. Would even report my offenses to me until I told him if he did it again, I was going to take a certain part of his anatomy and stuff them up his nostrils. This whole situation is useless, painful and just plain stupid. Who, in their right mind, would want people in their lives that treated them with so much disrespect and only because you married their father? How childish is that?

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