Funny to realize that this was the oldest post in all the forums. Everyone must be feeling blessed these days because no one's whining.

I could whine and share that our fully decorated tree fell to the ground the night we decorated it. Fifteen minutes after climbing into bed and drifting off we heard a loud crash. We just knew what it was. [Eek!] [Mad]

The stand broke so we propped the baby up in the corner behind a chair so it wouldn't slip and fall again, swept up the mess, picked out the ornaments that could be super-glued, and went back to bed.

We talked about why we thought it happened and decided God was trying to tell us that a simple tree isn't what the season is all about. Nor is the decorating, shopping, baking, cleaning, etc. It's the relationships that mean the most. I guess we needed a little reminder. [Eek!]

Guess what? We did the same thing Sunday night that we did Saturday night...decorate the tree!

Another reason I'm glad I'm a boomer. My perspective has changed and faith and mellowing through the years has only helped.

Carry on with the season!

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