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#57366 - 07/21/03 03:55 PM Wild West Vacation
gwinny Offline

Registered: 03/27/03
Posts: 17
Loc: Dallas, TX
We just returned from a 2-1/2 week vacation out West. I've never taken such a long vacation in my life - and other than being stiff and weary of sitting in a car -- it was the most restful, relaxing trip of my life.

At the last minute Lisa decided to join me and her kids (Alexandria 9, Mikey 6 and Elliot 3) on our trip. By the time we packed my little Saturn, we looked like the Clampets heading out West - LOL. Our ultimate destination was Las Vegas to stay with one of my oldest friends (from Jr. High school). All Elliot wanted was to see Cowboy Town (Tombstone) which was on our way. We spent 10 days in Vegas, only venturing out for one day trip to Oatman - a little restored mining town located on Historic Route 66. The temp in Vegas ranged from 113 - 120 degs - HOT!!! So we only crept out after dark to visit the Strip a couple of times. Otherwise, we swam in my friend's pool and rested. What restoration for stressed and weary bodies and souls!

On our trip back, we stopped in Williams, AZ - Gateway to the Grand Canyon. Because we were limited in time (I had to be back home on Wed for an Algebra test - I'm taking an on-line class this summer), we opted to stop and watch the IMAX movie of the Grand Canyon. I had no idea the Grand Canyon was surrounded by a forest! What a dramatic setting God created. We drove up to the park - surrounded by tall trees, parked the car and walked across the steaming tarmack - still trees. It wasn't until we walked to the point and were actually on the ledge that the awesome grandure of the Grand Canyon was revealed! It literlaly took my breath away! One day I would love to go back and spend more time there - maybe go down into the canyon and see the waterfalls and beauty that lies below. I have always had a fear of heights. I saw a picture of the ledge with only a short fence and thought - there is NO WAY you will catch me even close to the edge. I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of the vista before me - that I stood -- free from fear -- with my hands on the rail and my feet on the edge.

We have 12 rolls of film to have developed from this wonderful trip. Miraciously, the kiddos only argued or fought maybe 1 hour total of the 2400 miles we traveled. We marveled at how good they were. Could it possibly have been the daily dose of Dramimine that made a difference? LOL

God's perfect timing was so evident. Rather than sticking to our agreed - stop every night by dark to spend the night - we ended up driving straight through from New Mexico to Dallas - ending up home at 5 am on the 15th. At the 3 pm, there was knock on my door - the apartment mgr sent an assistant to seize my property for non-payment of rent. Only problem was I had paid my rent 3 days EARLY and the check had cleared on July 2nd! (Turns out they had credited another apartment with my rent!) Had we not driven straight through - they would have came in and took our things! Another incredible thing -- the alternator on my car went out the day AFTER we returned -- not ON THE TRIP! What incredible timing! "The steps of a righteous man are ordered of the Lord." His faithfulness continues to astound me! [Smile]

#57367 - 07/21/03 11:59 PM Re: Wild West Vacation
oleladee Offline

Registered: 04/04/03
Posts: 32
Loc: Kansas
Wow. how funny. we just returned from a trip through new mexico, arizona, colorado and a quick zip into las vegas. i understand how you feel about the gradeur of the canyon. there are no pictures that do it justice. we took 9 regular rolls of film 2 panoramic rolls and i took 147 digital pics. The temperature was steaming. I went through an entire tube of 50+ sunblock and we used spray bottles to keep cool(or to try to anyhow)
Las Vegas smelled awful! [Embarrassed] I dont know why but the smell was outrageous. We set a gambling limit of $20 and that was exactly what i spent. The free things were nice, the Bellagio fountain and the eruption of the volcano at the Mirage were cool. Then we went on to the North and South rim of the Canyon. We got in free because of my disabled card which was nice. We saw the Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert. [Razz] Took lots of pics there. We swam in Lake Mead which lets out below the Hoover Dam. It was so cold it turned our legs red in like four seconds. [Big Grin] I think it was about 40 degrees. We bought indian jewelery. The most beautiful views were in colorado. The mountains were breathtaking. We also went to the healing springs there. And my friend went fly fishing.
Well, i am tired. gotta lie down
[Roll Eyes] -oleladee

#57368 - 07/30/03 02:04 AM Re: Wild West Vacation
gwinny Offline

Registered: 03/27/03
Posts: 17
Loc: Dallas, TX
I lived in Denver, Colorado for a winter back in 1972. It snowed the entire time we lived there -- but other than two REALLY cold weeks -- I could go out in a sweater and boots and still be comfortable. That was probably the most wonderful winter of my life. I have a deep love of the magestic Rocky Mountains. If I hadn't had to get back to Dallas to take a test at school, we would have probably driven up through Colorado too.

As you were rolling down the highway on your vacation and you noticed two women with clenched teeth and wild eyes and the car seemed to bouncing with three wild children in the backseat -- that would have been us! LOL. Just kidding -- the kids were amazingly well behaved on the trip.


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