this is the best idea i have ever used flying and will now pass along to all of you. when you have a carry on that can be stored, it stinks having to get it down, over your head, just about hitting yourself and others in the head, somebody sometimes offers to help because you look so awkward..... and then drag it down the aisle while deplaning. also dragging it to your seat sucks too. getting past everybody storing their stuff and all that jazz.... you know it's true! think about this..noone ever said you had to store it above as soon as you get on the plane put it in the nearest overhead bin to the front of the plane!! that way, you grab it as you deplane and you don't have to drag it as you are getting to your seat! since most planes board from the rear to the front and most people don't use this almost always get the front overhead bin!! as you are deplaning, simply walk to the front and snatch it from the very close to the front overhead bin and gracefully deplane.. there you have it girls!! a travel tip from nilla!