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#53951 - 04/27/06 01:22 AM Gas Prices
Dotsie Offline

Registered: 07/09/08
Posts: 23647
Loc: Maryland
I thought the price of gas was out of control in Baltimore, but this weekend I traveled to Long Island, NY and that's another story! Prices ranged from $3.25 for regular to $3.69 for high test. I couldn't beleive my eyes. How are the prices looking in your neck of the woods and how are you managing to keep paying the rising prices?

#53952 - 04/27/06 01:47 AM Re: Gas Prices
smilinize Offline

Registered: 11/08/03
Posts: 3512
Loc: outer space
We have an oil well on some property we own. It was pumped dry last year, but when prices went up they re-drilled and now we're getting some nice royalty checks.

The weird thing is, I think I would rather pay less for gasoline. These rising gas prices are making me nervous. There doesn't seem to be much we can do except slow down and stay home. I hate being helpless. ??


[ April 26, 2006, 06:52 PM: Message edited by: smilinize ]

#53953 - 04/27/06 03:21 AM Re: Gas Prices
chatty lady Offline

Registered: 02/24/04
Posts: 20267
Loc: Nevada
Someone wrote a wonderful article comparing gas with the price of eggs and it really made good common sense. In a nutshell it stated that if everyone bought gas only $10.00 or less at a time it would cause the stations to have an excess so their tanks would stay full longer and they would have to cut down on their order to suppliers where then the suppliers would have an excess and would have to manufacture less and so on and so on and eventually they would HAVE to cut prices to be able to supply more to dealers who would need more because with lower prices we would fill up instead of buying less. Think about it, its a fantastic plan...

#53954 - 04/27/06 08:03 AM Re: Gas Prices
Happy Birthday Dancing Dolphin Offline

Registered: 03/06/06
Posts: 2529
Loc: Southern California
I'm in Southern California, and the cheapest gas was running about $3.19 today. We're staying home more, and trying to carpool for the things we have to do with the kids.

I actually coasted (with the engine on - don't try it with it off or your steering wheel can lock up) all the way from my house down to the main highway (about 5 miles) - does coasting save gas? I thought I'd give it a try! [Smile]

#53955 - 04/27/06 06:55 PM Re: Gas Prices
jawjaw Offline
Da Queen

Registered: 07/02/03
Posts: 12025
Loc: Alabama
It's around $2.89 here but last weekend I found it for $2.79 and did a happy dance. Is this what we've been reduced to? Happy to find it at nearly 2.80? I hate that we're ARE being held captive by the oil companies and salute ANYBODY who can bring us out of this.

What I do is stay home. If I have trips to town (15-20 MILES) I make sure I do ALL errands in one trip.

I cannot believe the tourist places are taking this so lightly. One would think they would be hurt the most.


#53956 - 04/28/06 07:49 AM Re: Gas Prices
starting over Offline

Registered: 06/30/05
Posts: 383
Loc: Illinois
Well I stuck myself out on a limb on this subject yesterday. I was talking with the head of the board for the non-profit I work for. We are having a board meeting next week and he wanted to give me a list for the agenda. I mentioned that I haven't had a raise since I started here and still have no health insurance and since I don't make enough to live in this area I was forced to rent a plae 2 towns away--and now gas prices are going so high I am barely going to be able to afford to come to work.

I asked that the board discuss a raise (which I know they can't do--I take care of the books) OR (and I think this part is brilliant) since this is a one man office with no public traffic--move the office to my home! Then I can have internet and drive to town on one designated day a week for work. I hope something good comes out of that meeting.

#53957 - 04/27/06 11:17 PM Re: Gas Prices
TVC15 Offline

Registered: 09/03/04
Posts: 2538
Loc: North Carolina
Good luck stating over,
That sounds like a wonderful idea!
And JJ
I'm with you. I try to do all my errands at the same time and in order of distance from my home!
Gas was 2.91 this morning by my house. It's totally getting outrageous!

#53958 - 04/27/06 11:30 PM Re: Gas Prices
jawjaw Offline
Da Queen

Registered: 07/02/03
Posts: 12025
Loc: Alabama
Starting Over that is brillant! They are crazy if they don't take you up on it! I found out a while ago that my oldest son bought a motorcycle yesterday. At first I freaked out (always the Mommy) but then I thought you know what? If I could, I'd get one. Then again, I drive a VW...that's almost like one. I wouldn't mind having one of those "scooters."

Anybody wanting to start a new biz that had a mini-van could drive people to work and back. Course you'd have to sell them breakfast every day to even realize a profit.


#53960 - 04/28/06 01:33 AM Re: Gas Prices

I live out in the country and 2 other coworkers live about 5 miles further out, yet not to fond of car pooling b/c I like to run my errands on the way home and try to keep my car parked at least one day on the weekends to conserve gas. Also, I attend night school.

However, other coworkers do car pool and some are begining to walk. I'm also conserving in other ways to offset the gas price increase: i.e., I take my drinks to work, and fill the empty bottles at work to water my plants at home; keep a small notebook w/ me to jot down items I need and purchase all at one time to alleviate having to run out again; keep air condition @ 76 degrees, and open windows at night -- keep blinds closed while at work to keep house cool for animals; switched to battery operated alarm clock and unplug all unnecessary appliances; clean house during daylight to conserve electric; alleviate use of vehicle air condition while driving home; and so forth.

If any of ya'll have other ways of saving, please do post -- I'd love to know new ways of saving!

#53961 - 04/28/06 04:09 AM Re: Gas Prices
flossie Offline

Registered: 03/02/06
Posts: 166
Loc: New Zealand
Gas prices at an all time high over here too, everyone is complaining how much it costs to fill their cars. Bit hard to compare our prices with yours though as we deal in metric, it's around $1.70 per litre. Apparently in the last month it has increased 24 per cent.

I don't notice it too much as we have a gas pump at our place and I just fill the car when needed, husband pays the mammoth fuel bill through his business.

It's time the big oil companies were pushed aside and some of the alternative fuels etc were introduced. (We know there are other means out there to run our vehicles!!)

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