I really believe in the power of prayer.I witnessed it almost 2 months ago when I had my first surgery.OPEN HEART.I had a very rare heart condition that they usally find in new borns.It started with breathing problems,so my doctor recomended i get some test done on my heart and lungs.Well with the last test done they found that I had anomomus pulmonary venous return.So on Oct.1st I had my first surgery done only at 23 years of age I was tettrified.I prayed everyday.And God gave me signs that my prayers were working and that i had angels watching over me.I could have died if this disorder was never found.I thank God everyday.Two weeks after my surgery a very close friend of mine was in a terrible car acciedent.causing him to go into a coma.this person is very dear to me.hes out of the coma now but has tbi i pray for him alot.I just want him to recover like i did.so im asking that you pray for him and have everyone you know do the same .Im hoping the power of prayer will help him also.please pray for rye.
thanks tanya