Okay, so I have your attention! Ha! This is really the name for this dessert...though I don't agree!

The name is always a fun topic at parties. You know the men have to act all macho and say things like, "Well whoever invented this didn't know me!" Whatever!

The woman say things like, "I don't know... it has chocolate in it!"

Anyway, it is an awesome dessert and feeds lots. If you put it in a glass bowl it looks beautiful.

1 devil's food cake mix
1 large choc. pudding
6 Heath bars cracked into small pieces
1 large Cool Whip
3 shots Kahlua

Bake the cake ahead of time.
Make the chocolate pudding ahead of time.
Defrost the Cool Whip.

In glass bowl,
Crumble cake and layer bottom with 1/3 cake
Sprinkle with a shot of Kahlua
Spread 1/3 of pudding
Spread 1/3 of Cool Whip
Sprinkle 1/3 of Heath Bar bits
Do layers 2 more times.

Top layer is Cool Whip with the bits. It looks pretty if you put a strawberry or raspberry in the middle.

Place in the fridge for a few hours.

This is perfect for showers or parties with many friends! It is so easy to make!

You can always be creative and use different cake, pudding, liquor, or candy bars. Always use the Cool Whip and it should be great! I hope you love this recipe as much as I do. I have been making it since 1984!