Like you, I love my smart phone, I can't imagine life without it, at this point...

I use it to replace so many traditional tools: watch, weather station,camera (of course), and an app to bring in my email and Facebook, as well as links to network news, NPR, and my favorite radio station are all good reasons. Another is a link to my Kindle app, which allows me to read books while I'm sitting in waiting rooms. (No more germaphobic worries about who's been touching the waiting room magazines..)

One of my favorite free apps is a tool called Lose It! No, it has nothing to do with losing my phone -- its a weight management tool that allows me to handily log every bite I eat, as well as my exercise. And it also connects to popular activity trackers, like Fitbit.

But here are a handful of other apps available on our smartphones, which can help us with our health.

Who else has started using these apps? Which ones do you like best?
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