I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks just tossing a used dryer sheet is a waste. I use 'em for a couple things. One is to wipe off the lint on the dryer screen, that's pretty handy.

But I just found a list of a dozen other ways to re-use these things.

I think my favorite is the one about cleaning burnt pots and pans, though lately I have been using a good ol' steel wool pad to do that.

Now, if I could only find a way to reuse the similar sheets that remain from using those quick makeup remover/face-washing pads. (I've been using some natural ones made by Burt's Bees for over a year now.)

I love 'em because they're so easy to grab and use, and I don't drip water all over like I used to do with a wash cloth.

But I end up with one used cloth a day, which I've lately been using to clean up my bathroom sinks. (It seems a shame to just toss 'em and since I'm already at the sink, it's quick and handy- as well as very effective.)

They're a little bit "scrubby," and thus they pick up sludge like toothpaste quite well...
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