We Boomers are pioneers in many ways and things, of course. But one of them is that we are the generation who really delved into recreational drug use.

I therefore find it interesting that we are now the generation who is interested in the use of cannibis oil, or other forms of medical marijuana as a means to improve our health -- or at least our comfort.

That's why I found this TIME magazine article on retiring boomers pushing for legalized marijuana quite interesting.

Thought I'd share it, and ask whether anyone here has any thoughts or personal knowledge of this issue. I just recently read an article in the Des Moines (Iowa) Register, a fine, upstanding Midwest daily paper, about a mother in Dubuque, Iowa, who is treating her son twice a day for issues related to his severe epilepsy.

He lives in a group home, but the staff at the home is not legally allowed to supply the cannibis oil to the boy, so his mother comes twice a day, takes him to the parking garage, and treats him there.

According to the article, state legislators wrote a law that makes it legal for persons with epilepsy to be treated with cannibis oil. But it neglected to include a legal dispensing method in the rules!
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