Just published an excellent and thought-provoking article to the NABBW site, and wanted to share it here.

It's by George and Sedena Cappannelli.

Sedena is a rather new member of the NABBW. She and George published an excellent book I recently reviewed, "Do Not go Quietly: Real Solutions and Empowering Strategies for People Who Weren't Born Yesterday." It's a great book, one I wish I would have written, but I'm delighted that they did.

Now, through AgeNation, which they also founded, they are promoting a multi-day event.

All the details are here:

Sedena is one of the presenters and George is leading AgeNation’s six transformational Navigating Your Future Weekend Journeys at The Awaken Whole Life Center at Unity Village, from May through November, which will feature 16 of the world’s leading wisdom keepers addressing the needs, concerns and opportunities for “people who weren’t born yesterday,” as well as for younger people who want to chart a terrific and vital course for the future.

The goal of the programs is to assist participants to explore some of the essential and relevant topics, and many primary and empowering tools they can use on the road to living more conscious lives, inheriting their roles as wise elders and playing an active part in recasting a more positive future.

I hope you'll check out the link above for more information on this!
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