We had bad storms here late yesterday. They were forecast all day long, so not a surprise. And we came through just fine.

But there were funnel clouds sighted in our county, and what surprised me is that at some point a siren went off on both Steve's and my iPhones.

We hadn't been paying too much attention to the storm, we were each working in our offices. But when that siren went off -- WOOOEEE! It sure got our attention. We headed for a safer part of the house, with phones in hand.

We started watching the weather channel info on our phones and when we decided the imminent danger was over, we went to the living room to watch our local news channel for more info.

That was an NBC channel, and it was supposed to be broadcasting the Stanley Cup Playoffs. But they kept covering the storm. I'm sure the local station got a lot of calls about this, because the storm was not focused on Davenport, IA, the broadcasting home for KWQC-TV6, it was much farther to the north.

But the weather team made a comment about this. They said that as long as anyone in their broadcast area might be in danger, they are mandated to cover the storm.

Both the weather alert on my phone AND the federal mandate were news to me. Anyone else experienced the siren on your smart phone? It'll sure get your attention.
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