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#216877 - 04/05/12 10:06 PM Sad News From Dotsie RE: Chatty
Anne Holmes Administrator Offline
Boomer in Chief

Registered: 03/12/10
Posts: 3212
Loc: Illinois

It is with sad heart that I share a message I just received from Dotsie. So far, I have been unable to verify it via any online obituaries or other sources. However, given that the news came from Dots, I expect it IS true.

Dear Anne,

I don't know that you've heard this yet, but I got a very sad call today form Chatty's ex-husband.

I can't believe this, but she died in her sleep on Sunday, April 1st.

I don't know when she was last in the forums, but if she hasn't been there, this certainly explains why.

Earl said she wanted to be cremated without a service so Earl and her son are granting her wishes. He spoke of how sad her family and friends are, of her mother and aunts, who all loved her dearly.

Sorry to be the one to send this news. I am truly saddened. She was a gift to BWS. Feel free to ask questions and if I have any answers I will gladly give them. Hoping you will share this in the forum community.

As I said, I have tried to contact Dotsie for additional information and looked extensively online for confirmation, to no avail.

I would love it if Chatty were to pop into the forum on reading this and quote that famous line attributed to Mark Twain: "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated."

Meanwhile, in tribute, I share with all of you a link to a Blog Talk Radio show call that Chatty did with a host called Jeff Miller.

She did this call April 25, 2008, and in the call she talks about her life as an editor, her work in the soft p orn industry, which Georgia had warned me about when I first got to know the forum -- and her love for her friends at Boomer Women Speak. Hopefully those of you who knew and loved Chatty will enjoy listening to the call.

So long chatty! We will miss you!

PS If you want to send condolences to Earl or Chatty's son, David, here is the address:

Earl Scott
6420 E Tropicana Ave. #236
Las Vegas, NV 89122-7531
Boomer in Chief of Boomer Women Speak and the National Association of Baby Boomer Women.

#216878 - 04/05/12 10:12 PM Re: Sad News From Dotsie RE: Chatty [Re: Anne Holmes]
jabber Offline

Registered: 02/17/05
Posts: 10032
Loc: New York State
I'm heartbroken! I knew something was wrong; I tried contacting her on both facebook and in PM's on here recently. No answer. I thought perhaps she was busy filling orders, like at Christmastime. This knocks the wind out of me! I feel weak! I still have the angel she made for Christmas a couple years ago; it's hanging in my kitchen. I'm sad beyond words.

#216879 - 04/05/12 10:57 PM Re: Sad News From Dotsie RE: Chatty [Re: jabber]
Anne Holmes Administrator Offline
Boomer in Chief

Registered: 03/12/10
Posts: 3212
Loc: Illinois
Me too, Jabber, I hadn't been able to reach her, and decided not to worry - figured she was busy crocheting again...

I am sad, but as much as I did not want to upload this information to the forum without additional proof, I felt I could trust Dotsie's information. I mean, who would be malicious enough to call her with falsified news of this type?
Boomer in Chief of Boomer Women Speak and the National Association of Baby Boomer Women.

#216880 - 04/05/12 11:03 PM Re: Sad News From Dotsie RE: Chatty [Re: Anne Holmes]
Di Offline

Registered: 11/15/05
Posts: 2798
Loc: NM, transplant from NJ
Her last post was March 30 about the ground beef. I am in shock also. Oh Chatty...........

I'll look up an obit.

#216881 - 04/05/12 11:10 PM Re: Sad News From Dotsie RE: Chatty [Re: Di]
Di Offline

Registered: 11/15/05
Posts: 2798
Loc: NM, transplant from NJ
Interesting, I always use the round afghan that Chatty made for me a few years ago and just thought the other night that I need to let her know how much I love it!

She was also a devoted New Mexico Soap customer/user.

Oh my...... we all have a wish/hope to "go" in our sleep. That is what she did indeed.

#216882 - 04/06/12 12:04 AM Re: Sad News From Dotsie RE: Chatty [Re: Di]
Dee Offline

Registered: 06/27/05
Posts: 2561
Loc: Alabama
Chatty will be missed greatly. She was so much a part of the soul of BWS. There were times that she absolutely drove me up a wall but then there were times that this woman would put her arms around me and comfort me like no other. I too have the Angel she made and now she's an Angel and can wrap her comforting arms around us all. I hope you will continue to guide me as you watch down from Heaven...this is so very sad.
"They will be able to say that she stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her away....and surely it has not.....she adjusted her sails" - Elizabeth Edwards

#216887 - 04/06/12 12:52 AM Re: Sad News From Dotsie RE: Chatty [Re: Dee]
yonuh Offline

Registered: 06/14/06
Posts: 2447
Loc: Arizona
Oh, no! This is so sad. But I'm glad she went in her sleep peacefully. She will definitely be missed here and on FB and Twitter. She and I had our differences, and disagreed on many things, but she was always there for me and anyone else who needed her.
Well-behaved women rarely make history. - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

#216888 - 04/06/12 01:22 AM Re: Sad News From Dotsie RE: Chatty [Re: yonuh]
Eagle Heart Offline

Registered: 03/22/05
Posts: 4876
Loc: Canada
I'm so sad to hear this news. Chatty was always there for me throughout my years of angst and searching. She sent me cards, funny emails and loving caring PM's to let me know how much she cared and prayed for me. She was such a generous hearted woman...she even sent a care package to my brother when he was going through his brother couldn't believe that a total stranger would do such a kind thing as that.

I too still have my little white angel, it sits on my dresser where I see it every day. Now it will be a reminder of a kind woman who touched and blessed my life so richly over the past 7 years. Thank you Charleen. xoxo
When you don't like a thing, change it.
If you can't change it, change the way you think about it.

(Maya Angelou)

#216889 - 04/06/12 01:47 AM Re: Sad News From Dotsie RE: Chatty [Re: Di]
Sandpiper Offline

Registered: 06/19/05
Posts: 1158
Loc: Kissimmee, Florida
Still in shock. I knew she had some health problems but never thought they were serious. Bless her heart, she was a great lady. So talented and funny. I'm sure she's in a far better place but, my goodness, we'll miss her so.

Blessings dear Chatty! BWS won't be the same without you.
"Kaleidoscope Memories: Childhood Stories That Celebrate Family Life" - 2008

#216892 - 04/06/12 03:03 PM Re: Sad News From Dotsie RE: Chatty [Re: Sandpiper]
Edelweiss2 Offline

Registered: 09/09/08
Posts: 779
Loc: American living in Germany
Yes, BWS will not be the same without our Chatty. If no one responded to a post, Chatty did...She hardly ever left one unanswered, and always made every member feel like they are listented to. She will be so missed!
A friend is a gift you give yourself.
-- Robert Louis Stevenson

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