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#208956 - 11/14/10 02:52 PM Re: Prayers for Employment [Re: jabber]
jabber Offline

Registered: 02/17/05
Posts: 9954
Loc: New York State
I love your prayers, Mustang. God is a good God. He'll come through for you, because it's obvious you love Him!
Throw me to the wolves and I'll come back
leading the pack.
Grace O'Malley

#208988 - 11/16/10 09:32 PM Re: Prayers for Employment [Re: jabber]

Well, I've not heard anything back from the interviews last week, although they did say they'd call me whether or not I was selected.

The interview at another firm for 11/18 has been cancelled -- I was not given a reason other than to "hold off" per the recruiter.

The firm I left in May for the "bad" firm is hiring, but won't return my calls.

Gosh, someone really must not like me!

#208993 - 11/17/10 05:20 AM Re: Prayers for Employment [Re: ]
Anne Holmes Administrator Offline
Boomer in Chief

Registered: 03/12/10
Posts: 3160
Loc: Illinois
Job hunting is always a majorly stressful experience IMHO, Mustang. I would try real hard not to take it personally, though I know that is easier to say than do.

I don't have any experience with selling security systems. But I do know a bit about sales jobs, having sold insurance for a year back in the 80s.

* Is this something you do by phone or by personally calling on businesses?
* Do they give you a base salary or is it strictly commission?
* Do they give you leads or are you on your own to find your prospects?
* Do they offer a training program to teach you how to succeed?

Business to business sales can be very lucrative, but it is a very different "animal" than working a job as support staff for a law firm. My best advice is to really analyze what's involved and then ask yourself if you feel it is worth giving it a good college try...
Boomer in Chief of Boomer Women Speak and the National Association of Baby Boomer Women.

#209009 - 11/17/10 05:59 PM Re: Prayers for Employment [Re: Anne Holmes]

I called my prior employer (the one I left to go to new job where I was let go) and have applied for an open position there today. Who knows?

#209015 - 11/17/10 06:44 PM Re: Prayers for Employment [Re: ]
Anne Holmes Administrator Offline
Boomer in Chief

Registered: 03/12/10
Posts: 3160
Loc: Illinois
My SIL was recently re-hired by his old firm on a temp basis. He said the first day back was a bit weird, but all is fine now.

I wish you all the luck in the world, Mustang. You have been working so hard to become re-employed that I am sure you deserve the opportunity to go back to your old firm!
Boomer in Chief of Boomer Women Speak and the National Association of Baby Boomer Women.

#209282 - 11/30/10 11:51 PM Re: Prayers for Employment [Re: Anne Holmes]

One of the law firms of which I interviewed sent me a letter stating that they hired someone else. Oh well. I was not that impressed with them, but so wished for a job.

#211072 - 02/14/11 03:45 AM Re: Prayers for Employment [Re: ]

Well, the past 3 weeks I've had 7 interviews and 3 scheduled this week. I bought a new interview suit and am trying to remain positive.

Some of the interviews are difficult and I'm certain did not go well; yet, I'm interviewing them, too. One interview the firm was insistent on meeting me and upon my arrival were very nice and I enjoyed my meeting with them; however, the were honest and informed me that they've already hired someone, they just wanted to meet me. Hmm, OK.

Another agency told me to call back the next week to schedule a 2nd interview, I did, no return call, and learned from someone at my old church that they were not hiring! OK, well tell me rather than pass on to a mutual 3rd party and not keep me hanging.

It took a long time, yet I did have 2 interviews with 2 separate federal agencies and soon a state agency.

I have expanded my job search to a 100 mile radius for those jobs that have benefits and are over $40K.

The law firm I mention in my 11/30/10 post above did hire someone else, then fired them. Glad I did not get that job!

Its really tough out there and the government is not keeping its promise to create jobs, there are people hurting everywhere, and the gov't wants to decrease unemployment benefits, yet those wall street folk the gov't bailed out aren't doing to shabby.

Enough of my rant and ravings!

Ladies, I appreciate your silent prayers.

#211073 - 02/14/11 04:54 AM Re: Prayers for Employment [Re: ]
orchid Offline

Registered: 01/21/07
Posts: 3675
Loc: British Columbia, Canada
Don't give up. I also had alot of interviews, Mustang. Before I got present job and also for last few jobs I've had.

See these interviews, as a means to sharpen your responses and to learn to think clearly with pleasant thoughts.

Are you doing any volunteer work?
_________________________ (How cycling leads to other types of adventures, thoughts)

#211084 - 02/15/11 03:09 AM Re: Prayers for Employment [Re: ]
Anne Holmes Administrator Offline
Boomer in Chief

Registered: 03/12/10
Posts: 3160
Loc: Illinois
I continue to pray for you, Mustang, and I am sure the rest of our active BWS group do as well.

You are doing all the right things, and now it is just a matter of perseverance, a stiff upper lip, a positive attitude - and maybe a bit of creativity. smile

The firm that said they wanted to meet you may have you in mind for some other position that has not yet "officially" developed. You know, a situation where they are hoping to gain some piece of business, and when that happens, they will need more staffing...

Or else they may have someone they want to let go, and recognized that you MIGHT be a good replacement candidate... (In other words, they can't yet advertise a position, as it would tip their hand on a situation in which they are not yet ready to declare an opening.)

I offer this second option based on talking to my brother in Dallas last week. He owns a granite and marble fabrication company and called me because he wanted my "take" on what to do about a woman he hired as a scheduler, who can't seem to manage her job.

She's been there six months and despite the fact that he personally has trained her, he says that he still has to review her work daily, and that she seems to have a problem with short-term memory.

The person who had been in this position BEFORE the current employee did not need the same amount of training.

He wanted to know what to do. I told him to replace her - if she hasn't learned the job in 6 months, she is not going to ever learn it...

But of course, he doesn't want to let her go and then have to handle her job himself, while he starts the search process all over again... (So clearly, HE would be an example of an employer who is looking for a new employee, but isn't yet ready to run an ad... see my point?)

And going back to the agency that told you to call back, but then you heard from a friend that they are not hiring: The fact is, a lot of positions are filled without an official opening ever being identified and advertised for...

So the situation might actually be that the mutual 3rd party friend just is not "in the know."

You are doing all the right things. Keep reminding yourself of that. And the volunteer work concept is a good one, as long as it does not keep you from having enough time to continue your search. The concept is, it keeps you busy AND gets you out in the world, which exposes you to more of those "as yet unposted" opportunities.

Edited by Anne Holmes (02/15/11 03:14 AM)
Boomer in Chief of Boomer Women Speak and the National Association of Baby Boomer Women.

#211421 - 03/06/11 06:10 PM Re: Prayers for Employment [Re: Anne Holmes]

Hey ya'll, I've been working through a temp agency at a nice law firm for the past 2 weeks. The office is 24 miles one way from my home. Which is a typical drive for my local. The drive averages 40 minutes.

However, last week I received a call and have been offered a federal job! I will know the particulars next week and weigh the options. This is my dream job! However, it is located 85 miles one way from my home! The drive will be 1 hour & 20 minutes.

I will keep you posted.

Have I used my time unemployed constructively? No, not always. It is very stressful emotionally which affects my physical state. I can't hep but wonder or how I could have been more diligent. For instance, less fretting and more doing - either through volunteering or home projects. I could have stained my porch decking and painted that bistro set sitting in the garage. I never finished the book I kept putting down and did not always read my devotions. In other words I could have been more structured. I allowed too much negativity and not enough positivity.

And now my dream job comes along and its 85 miles away and gas prices are increasing!

Thank you gals for listening.

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