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#20647 - 09/23/05 01:11 AM Re: Is it me or what???
Fiftyandfine Offline

Registered: 08/02/05
Posts: 154
Loc: FL
Messages from nuns...

I think I got some of them a little mixed up. Like they convinced me so strongly of the need to confess my sins, I sometimes went to confession AND MADE STUFF UP!

Oh, and our (unauthorized) version of "no-neck" was "If you wanna buy lovin', find a hooker!"

And here's another "message" I picked up. What I remember most about our nuns were the way they smelled. They spent so much time running off mimeograph papers that they smelled like the ink! The kids would be horsing around in the classroom, but I never got to join in. I had to stand guard by the door, because they depended on my nose to tell us when Sister Mary Elizabeth was coming back.
I loved that cantankerous old woman, and I STILL have a weird affection for ink/dye smells! [Big Grin]

#20648 - 09/23/05 10:53 PM Re: Is it me or what???
irishmom46 Offline

Registered: 09/20/05
Posts: 7
Loc: Indiana
omg..I'm laughing reading about the NO tampon rule and those horrid sanitary belts! First time I used one of the belts, I had the pad tab so twisted that I had to get my mom to help me get it off...good grief...that must've been about 100 years ago. The NO tampon rule..I'm not Catholic, but my mother believed that wearing a tampon would detroy one's virginity! She also believed, that during your period, you could "sponge bathe" but not immerse yourself in the bath tub. Go figure. Oh...and you couldn't wash your hair. No, I STILL have no clue, other than it was an OWT. The irony in it all was even though it wasn't advisable or "allowable" for one to take a bath or have a hair shampoo, it was "good" for one to have her hands in dish water. LOL! AND running the sweeper was an excellent form of exercise to rid one of the dreaded cramps. The times....oh we've had some times, haven't we?

#20649 - 09/24/05 03:00 AM Re: Is it me or what???
chatty lady Offline

Registered: 02/24/04
Posts: 20267
Loc: Nevada
Say I too remember the no washing of the hair during that time of the month. I had forgotten about that ridiculous rule. Does anyone have a clue what the reasoning behind that was? Funny but called and asked mom and she said; Oh poo dear I never said that to you! Guess I won't get the answer from her.... [Confused] I call that convenient memory...oh so many men posses that convenient memory trait too.

[ September 23, 2005, 08:03 PM: Message edited by: chatty lady ]

#20650 - 09/26/05 11:49 PM Re: Is it me or what???
sunnrae Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 09/26/05
Posts: 1
Loc: Oregon
Hi, I can sympathize with your symptoms of menopause. I suffered years of hot flashes and night sweats. At first I thought it was just humid out! I embarrased myself a few times with that line!
Finally I discovered a natural way to manage my symptoms and it's been a lifesaver!
After trying HRT a couple of times and feeling worse, I thought I was doomed to just "weather the storm" of this phase in life.
To my delight I found a natural progesterone cream [Endau from Neways] that really works! {I had tried other OTC natural progesterones to no avail previously}
This cream is a Wonder and made my life return to normalacy.

I've just started my own Group at Yahoo to try to help other women through the health issues that we all face throughout our life.

Feel free to check it out!

or email:


#20651 - 09/27/05 10:54 PM Re: Is it me or what???
Dotsie Offline

Registered: 07/09/08
Posts: 23647
Loc: Maryland
sunrae, I have heard that Arbonne makes a similar cream that works like a dream. I have been skeptical about trying it.

#20652 - 09/27/05 11:12 PM Re: Is it me or what???
Sunrise Offline

Registered: 09/23/05
Posts: 33
Loc: Northern California
My doctor recommended the products from the Women's International Pharmacy. You can check them out online at their website.

You can speak to one of their pharmacists to get more information.

#20653 - 09/27/05 11:25 PM Re: Is it me or what???
Danita Offline

Registered: 01/24/05
Posts: 1550
Loc: Colorado

It is soooo awesome that you took a chance down this path and found help with a natural remedy!

All progesterone creams are not created equal. Companies formulate them differently - so sometimes a woman has to try several brands before finding one that works for them!

Dr John Lee did extensive research on this ( and there is even a section on creams he reccommends:

Dotsie, this product is what lured me into Arbonne. It saved my uterus.. I was a candidate for a hysterectamy (however you spell that monster word). I was skeptical also! Very! But it saved my parts AND my sanity!

my two cents on the subject,


#20654 - 09/27/05 11:43 PM Re: Is it me or what???
Sunrise Offline

Registered: 09/23/05
Posts: 33
Loc: Northern California
I was headed that way also, and the progesterone cream was wonderful.

#20655 - 10/17/05 01:58 AM Re: Is it me or what???
bonnie Offline

Registered: 10/16/05
Posts: 19
Loc: Hudson, NH
Hi! I just started having symptoms this summer and the night sweats/chills are preventing me from ever having a good night's sleep. Have been taking a sleeping pill every third night or so just so I can get enough to function OK at work. I didn't know about these creams. How do they work? Do I buy online or at a specialty store? please excuse the ignorance, I thought my options were much more limited!

#20656 - 10/17/05 03:37 AM Re: Is it me or what???
Pattyann Offline

Registered: 07/08/05
Posts: 245
Loc: Ocala Florida
If you want an all natural creme go
Organically grown

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