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#20428 - 04/09/05 02:12 AM A "minnie pause" moment
chickadee Offline

Registered: 09/26/04
Posts: 3910
Loc: Alabama
Last night MOH wanted an ice-cream sandwich so I volunteered to pick one up for him while I was at the mini-mart near by. When I got home he said just put it in the freezer, I'll have it later, thanks.

Later came and he couldn't find it... until he looked on a shelf in the refrigerator!!!

We were both laughing at what I had done when he showed me the beer he found in the freezer that he put there earlier to "get cold." Well, he "forgot" about it and it was frozen solid.

We laughed even harder when he blurted honey, we'll get through this, but this is the last time I'm gonna drink my ice-cream and eat my beer.

And this is just the beginning!!
[Roll Eyes] chickadee

#20429 - 04/09/05 04:09 AM Re: A "minnie pause" moment
smilinize Offline

Registered: 11/08/03
Posts: 3512
Loc: outer space
That's hilarious.
I guess about the only redeeming feature of menopause is that it's pretty funny.

#20430 - 04/13/05 07:40 AM Re: A "minnie pause" moment
Dotsie Offline

Registered: 07/09/08
Posts: 23647
Loc: Maryland
chick, that's hysterical. It sounds like you and your hubby have fun!

I can see him sitting there with a spoon enjoying his beer slushie.

#20431 - 04/12/05 09:02 PM Re: A "minnie pause" moment
Vicki M. Taylor Offline

Registered: 01/06/03
Posts: 2196
Loc: Tampa, FL
I've waken up from a dead sleep thinking that I didn't put the meat away in the freezer after I got home from the grocery store. I search my brain for any inkling of a memory of doing it and can't find any. So, I creep out of bed, hoping I don't wake DH, and go into the kitchen. I'm expecting to see a bloody mess on the counter and nothing's there. I open the freezer and there is the meat, neatly separated and stacked.

How did it get there and who did it?

#20432 - 04/13/05 03:59 AM Re: A "minnie pause" moment
chatty lady Offline

Registered: 02/24/04
Posts: 20267
Loc: Nevada
The meat fairy came in the night maybe, huh????

#20433 - 04/13/05 06:57 PM Re: A "minnie pause" moment
Dianne Offline
Queen of Shoes

Registered: 05/24/04
Posts: 6123
Loc: Arizona
My daughter looks at me like maybe I'm in the beginning stages of senility. My short term memory is shot. I'm beginning to think she might be right.

#20434 - 04/13/05 10:43 PM Re: A "minnie pause" moment
Dotsie Offline

Registered: 07/09/08
Posts: 23647
Loc: Maryland
Vicki, I went to the basement yesterday to throw the clothes in the dryer. They were already there. Nice and dry. Who threw them in the dryer? I didn't remember doing that.

I was the only one home! [Roll Eyes] Scary, isn't it?

#20435 - 04/13/05 11:39 PM Re: A "minnie pause" moment
lionspaaw Offline

Registered: 11/28/02
Posts: 887
Loc: SW Florida
It is scary Dotsie -- but I think quite normal for us menopausal ladies. My short term memory seems to be shot also. A simple word or phrase eludes me lately -- I get soooooo frazzled because I can see what I want to say in my mind but I just cant remember what to call it YAAAACCCK

#20436 - 04/14/05 01:04 AM Re: A "minnie pause" moment
ariadne54 Offline

Registered: 04/02/05
Posts: 233
Loc: WV
Menopause for me, at age 41 (I'm now 54), was a profound life-changing experience. I had severe symptoms which lead doctors to suggest MS! I was having severe dizziness, accute depression.
Finally, not having had a period for 6 months, I made an appt. with my gyecologist, who said I needed Estrogen. I immediately improved. The depression didn't lift, however, and my family doctor prescribed Prozac. Then I started to feel strong, and left my husband of 20 years, whom I had wanted to get away from for the duration of the marriage! After the controversy about Estrogen, I went off it 4 years ago. Feeling fine!

#20437 - 04/14/05 07:55 AM Re: A "minnie pause" moment
chickadee Offline

Registered: 09/26/04
Posts: 3910
Loc: Alabama
Ha ha, I bet the sock gnome did your laundry Dotsie, he hangs out with Vicki's meat fairy, right Chatty?
Smile, you are right, it is pretty funny.Have you been through it yet?
Short term memory I am where you girls are,Lion and Dianne. Sometimes I try too hard to remember and it frustrates me even more.
Ariadne, that was a young age. Glad it is over for you. Wow, you stayed for twenty years...what was your turning point?


[ April 14, 2005, 02:22 AM: Message edited by: chickadee ]

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