more than i bargend for and i got heer instigating and doing research for a frend, trying to help then and getting wholehartidly cough up in stuff myself.

i started doing more searise research around websight, ecommerse, marketting search EO, SEO..etc basicalie i wanted to do some mre seriouse internet stuff as well as sort stuff for poppiue lanching her web sigh/bussness.

so it started about web desine, and the types of graphics and types of arts avaliable, yea prettie sights don't necassarily seall stuff but arts art. Anyway i went from having rustie html to brushing up, starring for hours at core scripts or codes from my favourite web sights (providing they wer't clicked proofed lol) i was only looking not copuying, so looking at internal dynamic of how a web sights created, practicalie desine wise etc, to who will host my web sight, dedicated shared etc, then the sinking knowlage that no matter how prettie the page was or who hosted it if it had no marketting its dead in the water lol web.

so that long ramble is an attempt to explane how i ended up studying marketing BUT more importantlie affilated promosions and seo and working and optimising web sights to get more traffic, via backlinks and organic visiters.

i might of gotten this info myself but it take a lot longer than the time i have, i might have never have worked out all those search tools and optimising tools by myself.

i working out how quick the internet changeis and by time i learned worked out something it be changed, that goggle changes the rules and everything changiees, its almost a living thing with moods lol.

internet and pmt women same thing lol.

anyway i been flatt out day and night for weeks now, and i on a big learning curve, which takes analises and some creativity so both bits of personality be happie. I gonna have to slow it dowen a bit as L came found me asleep bolt upright infront of computer 1 time too many lol.

more later. wink
"Our attitude either gets in the way or creates a way," Sam Glenn