Driving to church we saw a line two by two of teenagers.Scouts from West Port Conneticut.They are on route for a World Jamboree in Blair Atholl.A town north of here.There were 41 young people and adults.It was raining slightly all wore red cagoules.
Their leader spoke presented our minister with a gift.They then played percusion and sang.This sunk to a whispering singing.I was moved deeply.I saw faces and colourings..varied...wondered where they hailed from.Unlike the red haired Scots and dark Celts..but one or two could have been decendents of my country.I thought of Dotsie who started this and wonder if by chance any Scout had connections with any of my Boomer friends..They sleep in our Scout premises..some were jet lagged one put his hand out as our minister passed and I thought how spontanious that was..I salute their parents who sent them here..and will remember...a red cagoled crocodile of fine girls and boys.And adults who made Scouting their life..Thank you America.
Mountain ash