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#136907 - 01/06/08 02:01 AM Speeding Ticket

Got my 1st speeding ticket in 12 years. Speeding 89 in a 60. So upset. I was on 'vacation' Thursday, yet called in, cat and dog coughed up, cleaned and sped off. Got ticket. So upset at Myself. $440 down the drain. Officer says if I show to court he'd reduce the points.

Will this hurt on background checks for employment applications? Insurance increase? How long on record?

Officer was very snide and rude. I 'checked' on his background and he has a history of being rude and 'entrapping' others, yet no disciplinary actions.

I'll just need to own up to it, show up for court and hope for the best.

I was just getting ahead financially and go and do something stupid like this.

Hope this is a life learning experience. For instance, I'll not answer business calls no longer -- those calls can go to voicemail. Those calls can go unanswered. I'll not be at the beck and call of those who do not plan accordingly.

Also, I still carry a lot of anger from the past (ex-husband and abuse related). This anger disrupts my present, i.e., procrastination, inability to think clearly, decision making, memory, etc.

I'll let it go, learn to live in present, and not allow fear to rule my life.

Thanks for allowing me to vent.

#136908 - 01/06/08 02:41 AM Re: Speeding Ticket [Re: ]
QBall101 Offline

Registered: 12/21/07
Posts: 138
That's a whopper ticket ya got there kid. Here speeding tickets Do go on your record, but not much happens law wise until you get 3 in 18 months, then your either loose license or get on probation for 4 or 7 yrs. Ssomething like that. Each insurance co is different, technically as long as it has been since a ticket it should be looked at as 1st offence. But, as I said each insurance co is different. With ours, you get a raise for a ticket. The best thing to do is go to court and explain to the judge why you were upset and the urgency of you arrival at work, all circumstances briefly, remorseful, apologetic. LOL You could even be "Glad" officer Rude stopped you, because "YOU HONOR, it made me realize I need to stop trying to be everything to everyone at once". You know, butter the biscut just not too much...
It's not the end of the world, going 89 you actually needed to slow down. Better a ticket than a casket. I know it still sucks. Hey, when I was 17 I got stopped 74 in a 50, driving my new Ford Pinto LOL I choose that car cause of the cute horse on the logo. ANywhoo, when office Doright told asks me if I knew how fast I was going I replied NO. He says 74...To which with my laughing cousin for encouragement I said..WOW, that's pretty good for a Pinto!! Wrong answer. Gee if I had more time I'd tell you about my last ticket. Ran my Caddy through the Cemetery fence, leaving memorial day function in WRONG gear. YES I was upset. -$500. Try not to be so rough on yourself, it happens.

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