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#135021 - 12/18/07 01:29 PM Expert in-law says... [Re: ladyjane]
jabber Offline

Registered: 02/17/05
Posts: 10032
Loc: New York State
ladyjane, jj, Anne, Jane C., Anno, Dotsie and Chatty,
Gosh, I appreciate your input! I finally got in touch with my sister-in-law. There was a time, way back, when she drank 20 plus cups of coffee a day. She was worse than an
alcoholic with his booze. She says the same as ladyjane:
6 scoops to 12 cups. So that's what I'll go with; jj, I think I used the perk/drip terms interchangeably. I guess that new maker of mine is a drip. Both [Chock Full 'o Nuts & Folgers' Aroma Roasted] coffee cans' read 1 tablespoon per 6 oz. of water. In error, I spelled "Chock", "Chuck"; sorry about that! Oh well, ladies have some wonderful Holidays. And again thank you! I knew I could count on you gals!!!!

Edited by bonnierose333 (12/18/07 01:34 PM)

#135022 - 02/23/08 04:04 PM Re: Expert in-law says... [Re: jabber]
Josie Offline

Registered: 11/08/05
Posts: 1211
Loc: NJ
One of my alter-names is "Josie the Coffee Lady." It is truly one of my passions. I have about 8 coffee makers, depending on the kind of coffee and kind of brewing method I want to use for the day. I even have an extensive coffee cup collection to suit my many moods...

A few random thoughts.....

There is no one right way to make coffee. It all depends on the kind of coffee you are using, your brewing method, and personal preference. How much coffee to use also depends on the aforementioned criteria, along with the size of the coffee maker of course.

I mostly use 100% Columbian "8 o'clock" whole bean coffee (brown bag,) and grind what I need for about 2 days....With whatever brewing method I use, I serve the coffee immediately and will not serve it after 15 minutes, because now it is no longer super-fresh.

If I use a Farberware electric pot, I make sure the water is ICE cold, so the "perc" is really strong. Same with plastic electric pots...If I use a Mirro aluminum on-the-stove pot, I use cold water with a pinch of salt. Then I put the gas flame on medium. After about 12 minutes, coffee starts to percolate. It is ready to serve within 4-5 minutes...If I use a Mr. Coffee drip coffeemaker, cold water is all I need.

I use a course bean grind for all types of pots. I use a Solis Maestro bean grinder.

Lately I have heard that it is possible to roast one's own beans by using an air pop corn popper. I MUST research that. I cannot imagine being able to roast the beans yourself, then immediately grinding them and brewing. Surely that must result in the PERFECT cup of java. lol

Edited by Josie (02/23/08 04:10 PM)

#135023 - 02/24/08 02:27 PM Re: Expert in-law says... [Re: Josie]
Louisa Offline

Registered: 07/11/04
Posts: 2132
Loc: MA
We were given a Senseo coffee maker. Youhave to buy the Senseo coffee pods. It is very easy to use. You make one cup at a time. they have several blends of coffee you can get in the pods. Folgers also makes the pods. My husband likes the medium roast. I can't seem to drink any of them without getting heartburn so I stick to my Maxwell House premeasured packets for my coffee maker or instant. We don't drink a lot of coffee.

#135024 - 02/25/08 12:51 AM Re: Coffee can directions.... [Re: ladyjane]
gims Offline

Registered: 01/16/07
Posts: 3404
Loc: USA
Coffee - the nectar of the gods!!!!
I went to see what my instructions were. It's 1 tablespoon per 3/4 cup of water. No wonder my home brewed tastes like colored water. We use two scoops (which I measured to be a little over 2 heaping tblsp) per 12 cups. DH makes the coffee every morning. I think I'll put a bigger scoop in the can... I like mine strong.

When he's not here I drink instant Folger's Cappucino.

My youngest daughter still perks, and when I'm there to care for the grands, I can definitely taste the difference. The flavor is more intense.

O My, lj, I wish I could make my dressing taste like my mom's.

#135025 - 02/27/08 08:56 PM Re: Coffee can directions.... [Re: gims]
jabber Offline

Registered: 02/17/05
Posts: 10032
Loc: New York State
Guess we just have to experiment. I went with what my SIL said and it was too strong. Therefore, I cut back a mite.
I like coffee not weak but not too strong, either. I love that 100% Columbian, Nescafe, Taster's Choice instant coffee. If I could get my perked coffee to taste like that, I'd be happy as a pig in a pile of corn cobs, or whatever.
I don't know. Maybe pigs don't eat corn???

Edited by jabber (02/27/08 08:57 PM)

#135026 - 03/03/08 09:23 PM Re: Coffee can directions.... [Re: jabber]
chatty lady Offline

Registered: 02/24/04
Posts: 20267
Loc: Nevada
Pigs are usually SERVED with in ribs!!!
Take a peek at my BLOG:

#135027 - 03/04/08 07:07 AM Re: Coffee can directions.... [Re: chatty lady]
gims Offline

Registered: 01/16/07
Posts: 3404
Loc: USA
It was wet, rainy and cold today, so my mom and I had to do our walking in the mall. We stopped in at the Homestead Coffee Shop and each had a cup. That was the strongest coffee I have ever had in the afternoon - I still can't blink.

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