I understand this, Orchid.Like most models and dancers, at my age, I know what works on me and can pick my size off the rack. I have a stuctured way of dressing based on years of wearing clothing. Don't let my modeling photos fool you, I do not change clothing like that every day!
I have my "basics," those things I buy all the time and in bulk, and I have my "uniform," which consists of the sytle of clothing that works on my body the best and is easy to wear everyday.
I do not change that formula unless it is time for me to dress for a different time in my life, and even then, it stays close to the same since I was about 9!
My mother was a painter until she became ill and sold every painting she did. She "designed," me based upon what she thought looked best on me and what hair style worked best on me.
The funny thing is that after all my experience in fashion and clothing and all that I tried, I returned to see that she was, in essence, right! I dress that way to this day and my hair, although it changes a bit here and there, stays the way she chose to have it cut when I was a child!
Very strange, no?


"Question your privilege"