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#12626 - 07/05/03 04:03 PM a big question???
Dotsie Offline

Registered: 07/09/08
Posts: 23647
Loc: Maryland
I know all the women in here feel very blessed. Yet why is it we don't share our blessings more often? I am guilty too! [Mad]

This is one of the least active forums.

Several years ago there was a big push to list what you were thankful for every day. You know, have an attitude of gratitude?!

Around that time was when I started journaling regularly. In fact, it was listing what I was thankful for that got me going again.

When I first started I could only list a couple things each day...pathetic! I felt like an imbecile sitting there with nothing to write.

After time the pages began filling in. Now I can sit and go on and on about what I am thankful for every day. [Big Grin]

I believe what happened was that I had to change my whole way of thinking from the world's way to God's way. We are so programmed to focus on the bad stuff. That is why the news on tv is the way it is. We humans feast on tragedy.

I encourage anyone who hasn't done so yet to start a gratitude journal. It can be life changing. [Big Grin]

If anyone has ever done one, please share your experience. [Wink]

#12627 - 07/05/03 06:34 PM Re: a big question???
Maggie Offline

Registered: 02/19/03
Posts: 765
Loc: Oregon
I too remember the blessings journal and I think I really laughed a lot more when I was keeping one. I looked at life differently and thanks for the reminder to keep one again. A classmate I took a computer class with last year pointed out to me that she didn't know I had a serious side because in class we were always laughing, joking and having fun. Our teacher was funny too.
I wish that on the news they would tell more about people's accomplishments. I think that is why so many of our teens and children are into trouble. All they see the first 15minutes is the negatives. Do you think we could change this part of our world? I would like to see more stuff that would make me laugh and some of our dhildren can do that. I love the funny posts in here.

#12628 - 07/07/03 03:28 PM Re: a big question???
Kathryn Offline

Registered: 11/20/02
Posts: 317
Loc: Towson
I keep so many journals lately that they are all a mix of things....but I do keep writing. One of my favorite gospel songs is called "There's a blessing in the storm". As I have weathered the recent storm in my life I have tried every day to remember that there is a blessing in every storm. In my case there have been many. It is easy to be grateful to God when life is simple and good...not so easy when life gets complicated. But even through my grief and tears, I have not been blind to the blessings, some as simple as God guiding my hand as I repair an appliance, to huge blessings like financial help from family.
Not only should we write the blessings down, but we should share the blessings with others by telling someone about it. Sometimes it is more than sharing a blessing, it is sharing our faith.

#12629 - 07/07/03 09:09 PM Re: a big question???
jawjaw Offline
Da Queen

Registered: 07/02/03
Posts: 12025
Loc: Alabama
Boomer Women,
I am almost afraid to post this as I don't want anyone to think I am trying to hog the boards. But I just LOVE this board and want to meet and talk with each of you.

On the Blessing Journal, may I have the priviledge of sharing with you God's gift to me recently? HE showed me the act of giving without expectation. It is a story I wrote after HIS miracle and is posted on Guidepost stories if you would like to see my mug shot. Here tis and I hope you will be blessed by what happened, I know I was:

The Man in the Bermuda Shorts
(God’s living miracles)

It was a Friday like any other Friday; everyone rushing to leave work, jumping in cars and hurrying home in anticipation of the upcoming weekend. As I moved into the flow of traffic, I noticed people were driving a little too fast, and I thought, “You can sure tell it is Friday.” I decided to slow down a bit but didn’t realize at the time that it wasn’t my idea to do so, not mine at all.

On my way to the Veteran’s home to see Daddy, I began processing the day’s events. Earlier, I had read a very thought-provoking article on the subject of Giving. In it, the author stated that most people give to receive. He said these people would never concede to giving without a motive for receiving something in return. I immediately began wondering if I fell into this category. Did I do this? No, of course not. I just knew I didn’t so my thoughts began to wander into different directions.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed an old man in Bermuda shorts walking across two lanes of heavy traffic. “Oh my gosh! He’s going to be killed!” I thought. A van parked just off the road was the only indication of where he came from. I assumed he had run out of gas and was walking to get help. I decided to slow down, turn around and offer help. As I did, I noticed the man had made it to the turning lane and was bending over to pick up something. My next thought was he must have lost something from the van, but to my surprise, he was picking up the biggest turtle I had ever seen.

This man, this wonderful human being, was risking being hit by oncoming traffic to save one of God’s creatures! Knowing this turtle would surely have met a deadly fate if he hadn’t stopped, I was suddenly overcome with feelings of warmth, kindness, and love toward this unknown man. I said to myself “This is the kind of man I would want for a co-worker. No wait! This is the kind of person I would want for a neighbor!” I smiled as I saw that he AND his new friend were okay, and drove on.

I had not driven very far when I realized what had just transpired. God, in his infinite wisdom, had given me a living miracle. It was the miracle of HIS words in action. HE knew I not only needed humbling, I also needed to see and experience the real act of giving without expectations of anything in return. Overcome with joy, I immediately said a prayer thanking God for loving me enough to teach me. I also knew I had to share this experience with others so that we always remember HIS love for us; the kind of love that never dies, and the kind of love that never leaves our side…not even in my car, not even during rush hour traffic.

#12630 - 07/12/03 01:32 AM Re: a big question???
lionspaaw Offline

Registered: 11/28/02
Posts: 887
Loc: SW Florida
I had a similar experience last weekend on my way to visit a childhood friend I had lost contact with and recently found again.

We were on a 4 lane highway going through a small southern town. I was in the lead in the slow lane with several cars coming up behind me. All of a sudden this very large turtle started crossing the road with a purpose in mind -- he was moving pretty fast for a turtle -- and I knew that by the time I could stop and pull over to get him off the road he would have been across the road --but I also knew that the cars in the fast lane coming up couldn't see him.

I started hitting my brakes off and on and put my flashers on so everyone would be aware and as I past the turtle I looked back in my rear view mirror -- expecting to see the horror of him being hit when I saw that the SUV leading the pack had come to a complete stop -- in the middle of the highway -- to let this turtle past. I said to my husband what a truly good soul this person was -- and that we had just witnessed something you don't see often enough -- someone who cares more about God's creatures than their time schedule.

At a time it seems everyone is all about me me me and all we hear in the news is war and crime -- it was nice to know there's still good among us.

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