Didn't last long

Posted by: Dotsie

Didn't last long - 04/22/07 11:23 PM

As you know, our youngest two left for college this year leaving us empty nesters.

Guess what?

Our oldest graduates in a few weeks and I think he's taking a job here so he will be moving in for a bit.

So much for the empty nest.

Who among us also has kids who have come home to roost once they flew the nest?
Posted by: jawjaw

Re: Didn't last long - 04/22/07 11:25 PM

Guilty, twice. When he calls now, I use my fake foreign accent, "Who? She no live here now. Her move. Sar-ree. Goo bye."
Posted by: Dotsie

Re: Didn't last long - 04/23/07 04:38 AM

Very funny.
Posted by: Mountain Ash

Re: Didn't last long - 04/23/07 01:11 PM

My adult son returned.He changed jobs.Then travelled for a year.To Russian Mongolia China Vietnam.(I used his bedroom as a store room then)
He is back and I have a man who is considerate helpful and nice to be around.
House prices are out of his nreach in our capital city...so until he can move..this is his home.
It part of our life plan...and I go with the flow...
Mountain ash
Posted by: jawjaw

Re: Didn't last long - 04/23/07 01:48 PM

All kidding aside. I wouldn't care if they all moved back home. I mean it. I love having them around and they're very respectful of my time and space. So I'm with you Mountain Ash, just go with the flow.
Posted by: Laurel

Re: Didn't last long - 04/23/07 02:18 PM

JJ, you crack me up.

My boys have both yoyo-ed a few times before it stuck. Well the younger one is only 22 so I guess he could come back again.

The older one is getting married so I think he's pretty much out for good but get this. Their buying a house down the street from us. So he's almost moving back home.

Posted by: chatty lady

Re: Didn't last long - 04/23/07 10:11 PM

Its beautiful when the kids want to live near their parents. I find that an admirable trait as to their upbringing....
Posted by: Dotsie

Re: Didn't last long - 04/24/07 09:33 AM

Laurel, how fun is that? Very cool.

Mountain, I love your attitude.
Posted by: Songbird

Re: Didn't last long - 04/26/07 04:42 PM

Dotsie: Do you feel lucky? I consider it a blessing. Enjoy every minute!!!
Mountain, I'd do the same...
Laurel, that's great! I agree with Chatty!