Musician Sting's Financial Message to His Kids

Posted by: Anne HolmesAdministrator

Musician Sting's Financial Message to His Kids - 06/24/14 06:00 PM

I've been giving thought to the story that was recently published in which musician and social activist Sting and his wife Trudy have publicly announced to their adult children that there will be no vast inheritance for them on his death.

The point of the story seems to be that -- like that slogan we sometimes see that says something like, "I'm busy spending my kid's inheritance" -- Sting and Trudy have decided not to gift their children with millions in trust fund monies on their deaths.

Instead, they're spending their hard-earned money now, quite often on philanthropic efforts they care about.

As the article indicates, Sting says he values the fact that he's had to work hard for his money, and he thinks his children deserve the same opportunity.

Your thoughts?
Posted by: yonuh

Re: Musician Sting's Financial Message to His Kids - 06/25/14 01:22 AM

It sounds like his kids have done well for themselves. I don't think we as parents owe our kids the money we have earned. And hopefully we raised our kids not to expect an inheritance from us. It's nice if we have it and want to leave it to them, but many of us don't have anything to leave other than the principles and values we hopefully instilled in them as they were growing up.
Posted by: Anne HolmesAdministrator

Re: Musician Sting's Financial Message to His Kids - 06/25/14 06:32 PM

Ruth, I'm with you. I noted Sting said that he and his wife Trudy would not REFUSE to help one of their children if there were extenuating circumstances. I think we'd all like to assist our families in an emergency, but I believe it is imperative we teach our children to be capable and self-sufficient.