Puppy Love...

Posted by: chatty lady

Puppy Love... - 07/10/10 10:47 PM

I had an empty best for quite awhile after my sons left to start their own families. Then I got two dogs and they were my children in many ways. When they past this home or nest as it were was so EMPTY, I thought I would lose my mind. I decided to get another dog, giving one to a dog that needed a home. That's when I fround Sassy Girl and my home has never and I mean NEVER felt so full before. She is the size of the tip of my fingers to my wrist and yet this once empty house is so full of her it is amazing to me. Sassy is as smart as can be and learns things in one or two times. My home is not empty anymore!!
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Re: Puppy Love... - 07/12/10 09:31 PM

Congratulations on the smart, new addition that rules your
inner sanctum!
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Re: Puppy Love... - 07/12/10 09:53 PM

So how is Sassy doing? Is her name exactly right? I love that you have found your way to fill up your home and your life, once again.
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Re: Puppy Love... - 07/12/10 11:28 PM

Anno her name fits her to a T...Sassy Girl, and boy is she ever, sassy I mean...spoiled rotten already too.

I am so crazy about this tiny little dog it is almost ridiculous. I take her everywhere with me and have bought her so many new toys, leash's and harness's, not to mention her pink collar with pearls and crystals, and the gold one also with pearls and crystals. I will be sending some pictures to her Auntie to post for me soon.
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Re: Puppy Love... - 07/13/10 02:38 PM

Please, I cannot wait to see this bundle of joy that is lighting up your life.
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Re: Puppy Love... - 07/14/10 01:29 AM

I know the feeling of being crazy about a dog and buying everything under the sun. Been there. Done that. And what fun!
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Re: Puppy Love... - 07/18/10 12:21 PM

Xena was just wonderful with my grandbabies during their visit.
I wasn't certain what to expect, because we've had some problems
with her lately. But I pray it's like Chatty said one time,
her sweet side could return and she'll be just fine. Here's
hopin' she's maturing and her gentleness will last!
Incidentally, my son and his wife and daughters' visit was
a thing of beauty. I will cherish the memories of this past
week, forever. We had a ball, playing cards, croquet, swimming, and going to the zoo. Loved it. Thanks everybody for your prayers and love!
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Re: Puppy Love... - 07/18/10 03:52 PM

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Re: Puppy Love... - 07/18/10 04:27 PM

Thank you, Anno! Blessings 2 U and Dennis!
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Re: Puppy Love... - 07/24/10 11:22 PM

My little Sassy turned 4 months and 4 days today. She had gotten somewhat bigger and is the smartest pet I have ever had, no kidding. I will be sending JJ some more photos to post soon as she has time.
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Re: Puppy Love... - 07/25/10 04:56 PM

I was just reading an old post where you were looking for a dog. You had found one with an older male sibling that needed to be moved together. I am so glad you waited for Sassy - you seem so in love!
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Re: Puppy Love... - 07/25/10 08:43 PM

What a difference a dog makes. So glad she's adding joy to your life. Love hearing about he collars. My daughter bought our dog a hot pink collar with rhinestones. Over the top. Nothing but the best for these dogs.

Chatty, do you have a carrier for her? What do you think of those things? I see women with them at the mall and sorta think it's a bit cruel.
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Re: Puppy Love... - 07/27/10 09:35 AM

I don't care for either type carrier they use to tote their pets around. I just carry her in my left arm with one of her gorgeous little sparkling collars and she also wears a secure pink harness that attaches to her leash. She is safe and if for some reason she would get free from my grasp she has a collar, harness, leash and she has been micro chipped. I don't make it a habit of taking her to really busy places, mostly we take rides to the grassy areas in the park on my bike, she loves the basket and is secured inside. She loves looking all around. We do go to the pool and since it's all fenced in she runs around and when other people are there they make over her. I take her for rides in her car seat in the car so she doesn't think she is going to the vet whenever she gets into a car. She loves barking at other dogs with their heads out the window, my windows are closed with the air on. She is so much company for me.