Boomer Decorating

Posted by: Sandy N.

Boomer Decorating - 12/17/12 08:09 AM

Some of you might enjoy my light-hearted look at home decor from the past. Maybe you'll even recognize something from your own home!
Boomer Home Decorating
Posted by: Anne HolmesAdministrator

Re: Boomer Decorating - 12/17/12 08:34 PM

Fun article, Sandy. Thanks for reviving some great memories!

My collegiate sorority had owls as a symbol, and I am sure we all would have loved a macrame owl for our rooms! After all, macrame was pretty ubiquitous at that time.

In college we also were into the candles in the wine bottles.

I never had the brick and board bookcases, but I knew people who did.

One trend I think you forgot -- or maybe we only did it in Wisconsin: Those round wooden tables made of phone company cable reels...

Thankfully I don't have any of these in my house anymore!