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Beauty/Fragrance tips - 09/30/05 06:30 AM

BEAUTY: To make thin lips appear larger, apply lip liner to the outer edge of your lips. Start from the outside of your mouth and work in towards the center....

FRAGRANCE: When applying perfume, do not use your fingers. The oil on your hands will enter the bottle and effect the scent. Instead apply with an atomizer or cotton ball....
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This is really neat, Chatty! Thanks for the tips!

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I have bought lip liner because my top lip is falling, but it's the hardest dang stuff to use. I just can't get it right so I give up.
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Re: Beauty/Fragrance tips - 09/30/05 11:28 PM


"anchor" your hand on your chin when drawing. (having your hand floating makes it harder).

Fill in your lips with your liner also - it will
1. make sure you don't have those "lip liner lines".

2. It will make your lipstick stay longer. (or just cover your lips with gloss over the liner)

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Re: Beauty/Fragrance tips - 10/01/05 01:40 AM

Thanks for all the great tips everyone!
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isn't it though!