Tiffany Lamps

Posted by: jabber

Tiffany Lamps - 03/31/16 01:30 PM

If you love Tiffany Lamps as much as I do, JC Penny Stores have
excellent assortments at a reasonable price. Tiffany Lamps were my Christmas gift to myself. I waited until after the holidays and bought three for the price of what one normally costs. One of them has a hummingbird theme globe; another has a butterfly theme globe; and the third has two lily-shaped globes. Again: assortment, price and quality of JC Penny's Tiffany Lamps far exceeds high-end suppliers. Just sayin'... wink
Posted by: Anne HolmesAdministrator

Re: Tiffany Lamps - 04/05/16 05:04 PM

Fascinating and good to know, Jabber! We have two Tiffany-style lamps in our bedroom, and I love them. I'd never thought of shopping for them at Penney's.