Got fame from Wordpress

Posted by: orchid

Got fame from Wordpress - 03/08/11 07:44 PM

I got "Ecopressed" which means one of my blog articles was highlighted in a daily online newsletter from Wordpress.

Now every blogger wants to be known in some generic, international way. I was trying to figure out why I had a modest jump in reader statitistics. Really it didn't come on like an avalanche. I think I've written way more interesting stuff with more eye-catching photos. (Except bike in snowbank is one of my faves.) or

(I'm there on with article on winter cycling. Some of you have it awhile ago.)

If you have a Wordpress blog, try informing them about yours...

Yea, for cycling!
Posted by: Anne HolmesAdministrator

Re: Got fame from Wordpress - 03/11/11 07:35 PM

That's very cool, Orchid. I had not heard of the site before, but it is fascinating. Yeah for you, for being recognized by Ecopress!
Posted by: orchid

Re: Got fame from Wordpress - 03/23/11 03:56 AM

I'm not sure if it brought a whole lot more traffic, but it was a nice surprise.
Posted by: chatty lady

Re: Got fame from Wordpress - 04/15/11 02:06 AM

Sorry I missed this, congratulations Orchid...
Posted by: orchid

Re: Got fame from Wordpress - 04/21/11 05:06 PM

Thx chatty. The fame hasn't driven much traffic lately. So fame really is temporary. That's ok. There have been other controversies in past week in blogsphere involving 1 of my other blogs...long time story.

people nitpicking away... etc. etc.
Posted by: Louisa

Re: Got fame from Wordpress - 04/25/11 10:20 AM

It's still nice to be recognized. Congratulations!
Posted by: orchid

Re: Got fame from Wordpress - 08/21/11 07:32 PM

I forgot to mention that also 2 months after the lst mention, my partner had an article that I posted on the same blog (thirdwave) and it was also highlighted by

The blog specializes on sustainbility blog article highlights.