My first bookstore!

Posted by: Louisa

My first bookstore! - 02/25/11 11:08 AM

Landed my first bookstore!!! Carousel Kisses is going to be available at WHITE BIRCH BOOKS in North Conway, NH!!! In this world of POD, I am happy that a bookstore will actually put a book on their shelves.
Posted by: jabber

Re: My first bookstore! - 02/25/11 08:44 PM

Congratulations. I hope you have a wonderful time at your book signing. Groovy and I attended one at a Christian bookstore a few
weeks ago. Had a great time. Good luck.
Posted by: chatty lady

Re: My first bookstore! - 02/26/11 12:59 AM

FANTASTIC Louisa. I hope your book signing is a grand event!
Posted by: Louisa

Re: My first bookstore! - 02/26/11 05:01 PM

Thank you, but I'm not doing a book signing. They have agreed to carry the book. Maybe at some point a signing will be possible. I just came back from there and it's a 2 1/2 hour ride and we stay over when we go. I can't afford to go again just yet. I'm just happy to have a bookstore want it.
Posted by: jabber

Re: My first bookstore! - 02/28/11 01:15 AM

Guess I misunderstood. But congratulations in whatever you're doing. It's all fun!