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Dating? - 06/23/11 02:34 AM

There are websites GALORE dedicated to helping you find Mr. or Miss Right & thousands of books dedicated to helping you prepare for LOVE. But what do you do if you’re past middle-age and you end up ALONE? Read Don'tGiveUpOnLove NOW: Don't Give Up On Love
Posted by: chatty lady

Re: Dating? - 06/23/11 09:36 PM

Oh heavens, here I am trying to get rid of my supply of books and this one pops up. I just ordered it.
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Re: Dating? - 06/24/11 04:27 AM

I'm sure you'll enjoy it, Chatty! It's a collection of true stories of love late in life...
Posted by: jabber

Re: Dating? - 07/03/11 01:48 PM

Check out his family really good, before getting hooked.
I've seen this "late in life" thing go horribly wrong!
Posted by: chatty lady

Re: Dating? - 08/03/11 07:01 PM

I will be reading 'Don't Give Up On Love' next even though I have no intention of looking for love again. I have had my fair share!
Posted by: hotflashgal

Re: Dating? - 08/08/11 01:37 PM

I agree with you Chatty...I too have had my share. For the first time in my adult life, while single, I have no real interest in dating. It's quite strange, but I am ok with it.
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Re: Dating? - 08/08/11 07:53 PM

Good to know you have no interest in dating, HotFlash. It confirms my suspicions about myself: I am totally happy being married to Steve, and hope it lasts til we're dead. But I have long harbored the idea that were I to find myself single again, I would not seek to remarry.
Posted by: yonuh

Re: Dating? - 08/09/11 02:48 PM

After my divorce, I figured I would be single the rest of my life and wasn't looking to date or find someone. But I met Steve (my Steve, Anne!) and the rest, as they say, is history!!
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Re: Dating? - 08/09/11 04:41 PM

Wonderful history, it sounds like to me! I'm so happy for you and YOUR Steve!

A loving relationship with a spouse is so much more preferable than the alternative -- As in the alternative being a fractious relationship with a spouse. (Did I just use that word -- I didn't even know I knew it! LOL smile )

PS Here is the official definition of "fractious." Guess I used it properly.
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Re: Dating? - 08/22/11 10:13 PM

I've been goofing on Facebook and found an old boyfriend and sent him a message. The message was a simple polite hey how r u and I inquired about a mutual friend of which I have genuine concern b/c he has a heart condition. We were all stationed together 20 years ago.

The old boyfriend did not answer my question; however, he sent me a friend request of which I accepted.

We live 800 miles away and I have no intentions. I know that he has a child from a previous wife/girlfriend and has lived with another women for the past 8 years. They are not married and from the photos they seem happy and take family vacations together. His profile says "in a relatinship". In some photos she is wearing a ring and he does not. They have different last names.

Thus, I'm wondering what is the protocol with ex loves? Is it OK to friend an old boy/girl friend? Even if you're "in a relationship"?
Posted by: orchid

Re: Dating? - 08/23/11 03:13 AM

Does his girlfriend know? I wouldn't pursue much dialogue on the internet. It could really be misconstrued by her.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Dating? - 08/30/11 11:34 PM

I need to think of something savvy to reply to the following:

"Hi Kiddo!! Thanks for friending me. I can't believe its been 23 years!!

I still think of you often, and I hope your having an amazing life!!

Any advice?
Posted by: Anne HolmesAdministrator

Re: Dating? - 08/31/11 01:22 AM

Wow, Mustang! I'm not sure I have the savvy advice you are seeking.

If I am following this thread properly, you found him on Facebook and asked a question about the whereabouts of a mutual friend. He ignored that question, but conversation is ensuing - and, unless these are PMs, they are happening in a public place.

Am I on track?

Were it me, I would keep it light and breezy and impersonal while still being friendly. And I would not rush to reply and/or reply too often...

So I might say something like, "Isn't FB great for helping old friends stay in touch! It's amazing how long it's been since we served together. Back then I never thought we would get to be this old! Congrats on your two wonderful daughters. Keeping up with them is guaranteed to keep you young.

Overall, life here is good. Just moved to a new state for work so using most of my free time to make new friends and learn my way around town. Still riding when I can. It keeps me sane.

Take care!"

But I am sure you'll get better advice from some of the others here in the forum. I don't have much experience with this sort of communication.
Posted by: jabber

Re: Dating? - 08/31/11 02:01 PM

Anne gave U sage advice there. Keep it light and fluffy! Some FB
and other net sites get folks' into very serious trouble. So be careful my friend! Still, have fun with it! Blessings...
Posted by: chatty lady

Re: Dating? - 08/31/11 10:05 PM

Muxstang, take Annes advice and you'll never go wrong. Just a casual friendship and NOTHING more is the answer.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Dating? - 09/01/11 01:41 AM

Anne, Jabber, and Chatty, thank you ladies! Yes, very sage advice as I need to protect myself!
Posted by: chatty lady

Re: Dating? - 09/13/11 11:43 PM

I'm too old and just don't want to be bothered "dating."