Ungrateful BRATS...

Posted by: chatty lady

Ungrateful BRATS... - 12/03/10 10:17 AM

Looks like my DIL and some of our friends will spend Christmas together. I haven't heard word one since my son forgot my birthday in June. My son hasn't called her either unless he had something to gripe about. We have both dropped all content with her daughter, my granddaughter. She is notnhing but trouble and it is so nice not tro have her in our lives anymore. We miss her baby but she used her to try and keep us under her thumb. We both had to ban her from our Facebook accounts and that has stopped her horrid lies. My DIL is and was such a good mom and doesn't deserve her daughters anger and slander, she has even slapped her mom at times until I stepped in by request of my DIL. So it looks like a peaceful, fun Christmas. My grandson Jason will be home from the marines for a week then and he is bringing his girlfriend for us to meet. They want to get married and what better place then here?
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Re: Ungrateful BRATS... - 12/05/10 09:02 PM

I'm glad you have a plan for where and with whom you will spend the holidays, Chatty.

It's always good to be with friendly, loving and supportive people, especially on days that have such significance.

I'm happy your grandson Jason is coming home for a Christmas visit, and bringing his girlfriend/fiance for you to meet. Love that you think they will chose to marry in Vegas - then you won't have to travel for the wedding.

My niece is engaged and we will be meeting her fiance at Christmas as well. She is living out East -- Pennsylvania, maybe? -- and he is finishing his Ph.D. (I think in California, but not sure about that.). His family is from Chicago and her parents are in the Greater Milwaukee area. So the wedding will be at her home church, where her father is the minster.

I am excited for them, but not too excited about my 81 year old mother having to fly across the country for the wedding. she flew to Milwaukee for our daughter's wedding 18 months ago, and ended up sick enough with respiratory problems that she had to check into a hotel to rest up before she was well enough to fly all the way home.

What will all the "hoo ha" happening with the TSA right now, I just don't like to think of her traveling alone. Nor do I know anyone who wants to fly down to Tucson to fly with her to Wisconsin.

Thankfully that wedding isn't until next summer and perhaps traveling will be an easier task by then...
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Re: Ungrateful BRATS... - 12/06/10 12:48 AM

Sounds to me like your mother would be better off staying at home this time around. The airports are insanily insensitive to all travewling and she doesn't need to take the chance. Someone needs to speak to her. Hopefully traveling then in summer will be easier??? My grandson lives here as do his people so it is where he would get married I imagine. She lives in Arkansas where he is now stationed.
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Re: Ungrateful BRATS... - 12/06/10 02:33 PM

Oh Chatty, I wish I could talk some sense into your son.
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Re: Ungrateful BRATS... - 12/07/10 10:50 AM

Go a call today from Jason my Marine grandson stationed in Arkansas. He fould out they are transferring him to Japan. He has no idea when exactly or for how long ut will call again as soon as he knows. I said I was glad it is Japan and not Afganistan, or South Korea. Japan is beautiful and they treat American service personnel there with respect and friendship. I guess he won't be home for Christmas but we'll see.

Edelweiss I doubt it would do any good, he is acting like a real jerk. His loss, not nmine...
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Re: Ungrateful BRATS... - 12/07/10 06:09 PM

Chatty, Sure hoping your grandson gets to have some leave before being stationed in Japan - hopefully that would allow you to see him at Christmas...
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Re: Ungrateful BRATS... - 12/10/10 10:12 AM

So far not so good, he is suppose to leave a week before Christmas, destination Okinawa, Japan. He was home for Thanksgiving however so that was good.