The "new" colors of topaz

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The "new" colors of topaz - 11/15/05 07:00 PM

Meredithbead where are you? I have recently been purchasing topaz jewelry with the stones described as mystic, pink-coated and twilight. I love fine jewelry and love collecting pieces with beautifully colored gem stones. Are these just clear topaz and then artificially colored? The sales clerks in the jewelry stores can't seem to tell me very much about these beautiful gems. I admire your work and have my eye on a particular piece. I'm not really into the faux gems and avoid costume jewelry. For me it has to be the real thing.
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Re: The "new" colors of topaz - 11/15/05 07:34 PM

Ladybug, you may want to private message her and let her know about this post. I am also a fan of Meredith's jewelry. I'm waiting for four pairs of ear rings to arrive that I ordered as Christmas gifts.
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Re: The "new" colors of topaz - 11/16/05 08:11 AM

Dotsie, I did think of that just now too so I will. Yes, she does have some very beautiful necklaces. They look like they would drape the neck at just the right length. I prefer chain lengths on my necklaces to be 16" or shorter because I'm small.

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Re: The "new" colors of topaz - 11/16/05 12:16 PM

Hi all,

It's another 80-hour work week so I haven't been here for a bit. Private messaging is good, because I see it ASAP.

Dotsie, I'll send your jewelry next week, if that's OK. I thought you were also thinking about some of the pink ribbon items, and I'll have a few new pics next week.

Ladybug, thanks for the pm. Topaz naturally comes in sherry, pink, yellow, blue-green, blue, red, clear, & brown. Jewelry sold as topaz can be natural or dyed, synthetic, or laboratory-grown. The terms you mention are unfamiliar to me, and may either describe the color or the treatment, but they're not "official" terms to my knowledge. For example, cherry quartz is the trade name for lab grown quartz with pink color added, and is not a natural stone although the name might imply that it is. Since I haven't heard those topaz terms, I really don't know one way or the next.

A store should have knowledge of what they're selling. If the sales clerk is clueless, then ask that your questions are forwarded to the jewelry buyer. The jewelry buyer HAS TO know if the stones are dyed, synthetic, etc. The person who sold the original gem is required by law to accurately represent its manufacture or origin, and that information should be passed down through the chain of buyers. If the jewelry buyer for the store claims to not know, then assume the stone is fake. I can't stress enough how important it is to buy from a reputable source.

I make it a point to know about the stones I carry, and would be happy to be very specific about any of my items. Anyone can pm me.

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Re: The "new" colors of topaz - 11/16/05 07:16 PM

Thanks so much for the info Meredithbead. The gems are real and not synthetic but are colored this way. (I was able to get a little more info on them myself.)

I love your necklaces that are shorter than end in a y shape with the stones hanging at the end of the y's tail. It's both feminine and very sensual looking.

I also recently found a cute 14kt. gold necklace with enameled ladybugs on it, had to have it of course. I am a jewelry horse and can never have enough. It's time I buy a new piece I tell my daughter, "look what I bought us."
Thanks again!
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Re: The "new" colors of topaz - 11/17/05 06:44 PM

Meredith, sounds great!
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Re: The "new" colors of topaz - 11/21/05 01:11 PM

ladybug, that Y style comes in smokey topaz! Deep mink brown, which I've accented with crystals and copper pearls.

I do have 2 entire styles with lady bugs, just simple little things. One is red glass, and the other is light pinkish brown Chinese enamel. Both with black dots.